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Soul Magic
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Do you ever think it's silly that mob spawners and spawn eggs exist in the game, but are not obtainable in survival mode? Or do you get annoyed that mods that make them craftable usually make them really easy to make? I think it's time that changes. Soul Magic adds some difficult, but not impossible methods of getting spawn eggs and mob spawners in survival mode.

This mod starts off with Soul Silver, a new ore found in the Nether. Once you have a bunch of it, you can craft it into the Soul Infuser.

Soul Infuser

The Soul Infuser is the main thing in this mod. It's a multiblock structure, made up of a Soul Infuser Core, and four Pedestals (recipes are in the recipe book)
Once you have a Soul Infuser, make some Soul Jars. To make them, right-click/interact on the Soul Infuser Core using a Glass Bottle, and then a Soul Silver Ingot. This will give you an empty Soul Jar.


If you venture out into a Soul Sand Valley in the Nether, you will find one of these flying creatures, which you can catch in your Soul Jar by right-clicking/interacting on them. They are used as the basis for creating spawn eggs.
To make a spawn egg, place a Soul Spark on each Pedestal on the Soul Infuser. Soul Sparks are rare drops from most hostile mobs. Right-click/interact on the Soul Infuser Core with the Soul Jar, and then right-click/interact using a matching amber (a new ore) or mandrake (a new plant). If you did it correctly, you will get a random spawn egg.


Make sure you enable all experimental features, and apply both the behavior and resource packs.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17
  • 1.16



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