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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Expasion BETA 0.1

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Expasion BETA 0.1
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This addon adds items from the Super Smash Bros Ultimate characters, to make your survival much cooler and your multiplayer with friends more fun, I hope you like it. Stay tuned as I will always be updating this addon to add more characters :)

Beta 0.1
{First character: Mega Man X }
New Ore Titanium: titanium can be found in the 0.12y layer in the overworld is used to manufacture the Titanium X 
Titanium X: it is also a new ore but this one you have to craftalo to obtain it use diamond and titanium to create the Titanium X.
Mega Man Armor: Mega Man's Armor and literally Mega Man Become your own and defeat enemies with ease with jump boost, strength and endurance skills, the armor craft is available on the crafttable 
Mega Man Blaster: this is mega man's weapon the mega blaster you can use this item to destroy your enemies with a powerful blast of energy and it explodes after a few milliseconds with a classic gaming sound, blaster craft is also available on crafttable :)
New Version 1.1 ↓ 
{ New Character: Link } 
New Ore: Steel → New Steel Ore Is Used To Craft Some Character Items. you can melt steel in the furnace.
{ New Character: Sonic } 
{ New Character: Samus } 
New Ore: Pure Organic Ore → This red ore can be found all over the nether and by smelting it in a furnace you will get a shard.
Shard: you can use the shard of this ore to make the ore bar.
and with the bar you can transform it and a new ore bar using gold for mixing.

Supported Minecraft versions

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