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Gernades Update Addon

Gernades Update Addon
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In this Addon there are many new things to find, including a wide variety of new Illager and Deep Sea mobs. Also there are, obviously, gernades. These throwable weapons are great for combat and mining.

It took me over 20 failed attempts to develop this Addon but here it is. You can craft a basic gernade in this shape
Some new mobs in this Addon are the Vampillager, Viperfish and others. But you can enhance a gernades performance by combining with a secondary ingredient like this
 There are 7 variants to use. Each one buffs and nerfs a specific part of the basic gernade. There are also other additions such as new Illagers like the manipulator. Fight it and win 3 enchanted apples. There are many other hidden secrets in this Addon, like blocks.
Golden Gernades
These weaker gernades can be crafted with gold like this
They work exactly like any other gernades besides trading off attack for explosion speed and exclusive gernades craftable with only this base gernade.
Key Mobs
Here are a few key mobs. Most mobs in this Addon are really similar or variants so these are some good to know mobs.
Of course you can craft gernades but a easier way to get them is by killing these illager. They spawn commonly in forests, but like all Illagers they’re pretty strong so beginners should stay away.
The drop for this powerful boss is worth it. You’ll get your hands on a Enchanted Golden Apple and possibly a copper sword. You can craft one like this.
To craft new gernades you’ll need new special items. Venture into the ocean and kill new oceanic mobs to get these special items
-Next update: Vampillager Boss!!! This along with many other features will be part of the next update.


-2 new items dropped by the mobs mentioned previously

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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