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God Sword Addon

God Sword Addon
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This addon is created for people who have played enough Minecraft and feel like they need a challenge, want really good godly weapons? at the cost of too many resources? then this is the addon for you!

Here is a brief overview of the recipes to some of the items,
Those are the main ingredients to craft your amazing weapons later on, seems pricy right?
This is The Sword Base, it's the lil guy that will power your dreams
This lil guy only deals 5 damage and it's relatively useless as a weapon but if you smelt it you'll get one of the most valuable ingredients ever!
The Remnant Plate can be used to craft the God Whip and the God Sword like so:
Those are the main heros of the story, but you may be saying: "That's too little" well I've got a solution just for that:)
I present to you The Mistake, or at least the thing that will become the Mistake,
When you craft that thing it virtually does no damage and is very useless but you must craft it into it's older brother to get the beast you've always wanted, speaking of which here he is:3
The Mistake is one of the best weapons in this addon and its very hard to craft and you can see by the recipe that you'll need to complete a lot of tasks just to make it.
But last but certainly not least here is THE GOD SWORD, it's thé godsword and the other one is just pathetic compared to this one
The One And Only God Sword takes up all of your precious resources and in return gives you an amazing companion that will never leave your side, unless you somehow die with it:| 
Sword Base: 5 Damage 
God Whip: 10 Damage 
God Sword: 15 Damage 
The Mistake: 20 Damage 
The One And Only God Sword: 50 Damage 
If you ain't satisfied then I brought some bonus content along just to make the experience just a bit better;) 
I've added feathers, the feathers boost your speed and stage by stage cost more and more but make you faster and give you effects as well 
The speed stats are very confusing and I'll have you see for yourself on how fast they make you go but here they are 
No idea why that one is so big^
Those are the feathers

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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