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Elytra Variants Addon v0.1

Elytra Variants Addon v0.1
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Unlike any other addon related to elytra this one is different, it has different skins, models and animations per variants. No need to restart Minecraft to change skin, this addon is packed and ready to use. You can now equip your Elytra variant and glide with style!

Elytra Variants Addon v1

-Added custom skins
-Added Elytra variants
-Added custom models
-Added custom animations per variants
-Easy to equip and change variants
-No need of restarting game
-Makes gliding more fun

There are 5 types of wings

Dragonfly Type Wings

Single Wings Type
Double Wings Type


Fairy Type Wings


Leaf Type Wings


Feather Type Wings

Bat Type Wings

Mecha Type Variants


Basic Dragonfly Wings Single
Dropped by: Bee
10% Drop rate
Basic Fairy Wings
Dropped by: Vex
2% Drop rate
Basic Feather Wings
ropped by: Chicken
2% Drop rate
Bat Wings
Dropped by: Bat
5% Drop rate

Crafting Recipes

Dragonfly Wings Recipes

Dragonfly Wings Single + Black dye
Dragonfly Wings Single + Blue dye
Dragonfly Wings Single + Lime dye
Dragonfly Wings Single + Cyan dye
Dragonfly Wings Single + Red dye
Dragonfly Wings Single + Purple dye
Dragonfly Wings Single + Orange dye

Fairy Wings Recipes

Fairy wings + Black dye
Fairy wings + Blue dye
Fairy wings + Lime dye
Fairy wings + Cyan dye
Fairy wings + Red dye
Fairy wings + Purple dye
Fairy wings + Orange dye
Fairy wings + Lapis Lazuli(x8)
Fairy wings + Fermented spider eye + Red dye(x3 unstacked) + Purple dye
Fairy wings + Pink dye + Purple dye + Amethyst Shard + Blue dye + Cyan dye
Fairy wings + Magma Cream(x4) + Blaze Powder(x4)
Magama Fairy wings + Amethyst Shard
Fairy wings + Vines(x4) + Emerald(x4)
Fairy wings + Vines(x4) + Diamond(x4)
Fairy wings + Vines(x4) + Amethyst Block(x4)

Leaf Wings Recipe

Any Leaves (x8)
Cook in furnace

Feather Wings Recipes

Feather wings + Black dye(x8)
Feather wings + Blue dye(x8)
Feather wings + Lime dye(x8)
Feather wings + Cyan dye(x8)
Feather wings + Red dye(x8)
Feather wings + Purple dye(x8)
Feather wings + Orange dye(x8)

How To Use

Equip your elytra
Pick your variants then use(long press or right click)
and Ta-DA!!

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.11



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