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V1.1 Survivalcraft More Biomes

V1.1 Survivalcraft More Biomes
Addons for Minecraft PE
Survivalcraft more mobs is a exploration addon than adds +30 new interesting biomes both normal and custom biomes, mobs and a new armor the uranium armor. The biomes idea an the armor, tools and mobs are totally created by me. Another biomes are from Java edition mods

Mountain edge.
The biome is originally created by Mojang in minecraft to he a transition of taiga biome and a mountain.
Calid forest.
The calid forest is a forest biome variant of the savanna a has the calid dirt inside of the biome.
Savanna plains.
The savanna plains is specially biome than only is grass without taiga trees.
Tropical plains
The tropical plains is a variant of the savanna plains but with jungle temperature
Red desert
The red sand desert is a custom biome with custom red sand and inside with red sandstone.
Stone plains
In the stone plains is more usually found iron outside an another stones and has a big lakes.
Custom desert
In the custom desert only has sand without cactus and a diferent water flog.
Rain forest.
The rain forest is other originaly biome with a high probabily of rain.
Snow plains
In the snow plains only has snow blocks and the custom cold stone.
Ice valley
The ice valley is a good place to get a lot of normal and compact ice it appers near to the snow plains and also has cold stone. In this 2 biomes can generated mine shafts
Red forest
The red forest has three variant trees the red, orange and yellow and has the Orange grass and calid dirt inside.
Curse dirt forest
In the curse dirt forest has trees without leaves and only has dirt.
Sand forest
The sand forest is similar to the fiarse dirt forest but sand also can generated 2 variants the red sand forest and the clay forest the latter with a lot of clay.
Purple forest
The purple forest has the purple and dye dirt with special particles.
Radioactive plains
This green biome is so radioactive with wood, leaves, grass, dirt and stone, in this biome appear the:
Radioactive skeleton.
Health: 24
Damage: 8 (fatal posion effect)
Radioactive pig
Health: 24
It can also generated mine shafts
Decaying swamp
The decaying forest is a variant of the swamp
Terracota plains
This terracota plains generated with acacia trees without leaves.
Dirty stone plains
The dirty stone plains has a new stone variant and the acacia trees.
Blood forest
The blood forest has new red trees and the new carmesi stone.
Mushroom forest
In this version i add new mushroom blocks of different colors(red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, dark blue, purple, pink, brown and black)
Boreal forest
This one is beatiful biome with big trees 
Tropical forest
Hallowen biome
This biome is so diffucult to find and generates with big pumpkins
Uranium armor
The uranium armor is stronger than netherite and craft with uranium ingot and it craft with uranium fragment and iron.
And crafts with the vanilla form
The sword crafting is with a blaze rod and 2 ingots
New block
With the new stones can craft the bricks 

 Now biomes have different types of trees.
And now in this update you can find new structures!!
Big pumpkin(2 variants)
Purple ruins (3 variants)
Cold dungeon
Ice house
Actually has bugs of temperatures and opacity blocks


1.- Go to the end of the submission and click in the mcaddon, archive
2.- Export mcaddon archive to minecraft 
3.-Wait the exportation
4.-Active the resorce and behavior packs
5.-Active the experimental ootions
6.-Go to play the addon in your world

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.11
  • (beta)
  • 1.17



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