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Astro's Armory! (The Weapons Update) (Second Bugfix)

Astro's Armory! (The Weapons Update) (Second Bugfix)
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Hey Guys!! I have made a new addon called Astro's Armory, kinda based of the Construct's Armory Expansion Pack for Tinkers Construct. It basically allows you to make different armor combinations with different materials like iron and diamond combined armor. In this new update, i have added a bunch of weapons like the cleaver, hammer and more!!

This addon adds additional recipes for making armor and makes it that you can make gold and netherite combined armor and more!!
To get started, you will need to craft the armor parts. The chestplate needs the mantle and armor guard, the leggings need the leggings guard and kneepads and the boots need the ankle guard and boot guard.
After this you need to make straps which need leather. Since leather is pretty hard to obtain, you can now smelt rotten flesh in a furnace to get leather
Now to make the armor, you need to combine the respective parts with the straps. And if you want to make the armor combinations, you can use some parts of different materials. eg: the iron mantle and diamond armor guard will make an iron diamond chestplate. 
I have added two new armor sets, the emerald and copper armor. They also have their own swords!! Both the Emerald and Copper Armor and tools have the same recipe.
In this update, i have added 4 new weapon types: The Cleaver, The Double Edged Sword, The Hammer and The Knife.
To get started with making these new weapon types, you will need to craft the sword blade, the handle, the capped handle, the hammer head, large sword blade. The Cleaver needs the capped handle of any material and the large sword blade of any material, the Double Edged Blade will need 2 sword blades of any material and the handle, the Hammer will need the hammer head of any material and 2 handles and the Knife will need 4 straps, a sword blade of any material and the handle.
The Cleaver:
The Cleaver is a sword which can deal a lot of damage (atk range is from 20 to 23).
The Double Edged Sword:
The Double Edged Sword is a sword which uses 2 blades of different materials. It's damage is better than the swords (atk range is from 9 to 13).
The Hammer:
The Hammer is the most powerful weapon in the game. It uses a hammer head. its damage is the most powerful ingame (atk range is from 24 to 27).
The Knife:
The Knife is the weakest weapon. It uses a sword blade. it has a damage range lesser than the swords (atk range is from 4 to 7).
Turn Experimental Gameplay On or the addon won't work!!
These four are needed:

In Game Screenshots:

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17 (beta)
  • 1.17.11
  • 1.17



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