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RoadSigns+ [Blocks]

RoadSigns+ [Blocks]
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As the cover art of this addon obviously states, this addon adds 32 road signs, a few types of guardrails, 34 racing sponsor banners, 19 fuel/petrol pumps and a few other stuff. A great way to add more realism/immersiveness to roads, circuit tracks and builds such as petrol stations!

• About project

Originally this project was to be an update to my previous Road Signs Addons from early March 2021. Due to the number of stuff added in this update compared to the original pack, as well as the assets now being blocks, updating the previous Road Sign Addons with all the assets in this pack would've taken ALOT of time to make as I'd have to convert them into rotateable entities. Another reason as to why this is a completely new post instead of an update to that post, this addon (as of 1.17.0) requires the Holiday Creator Features (Experimental Mode) to be turned on in order to work, and as someone who has had a phobia of turning on Experimental Mode on a world, I understand that some people might not want to turn on Experimental Mode. To that, I'm sorry to those who may not be able to use it because of this reason. On a more positive note, Mojang will eventually make blocks be something that won't require Experimental Mode in the upcoming updates or so, so hey at the very least all we have to do is wait till the day Mojang fixes this.

• List of stuff in the pack

The stuff in this pack is divided into 5 categories:
  1. Road signs
  2. Guardrails
  3. Racing sponsor banners
  4. Fuel / petrol pumps
  5. Others (will elaborate more further down in this post)

a) Road signs

  • There are 32 road signs in this pack. Below are images of the signs followed by a list of the signs in the pack.
(I forgot to add the 140km/h sign in one of the pictures so if you counted them and got 31, thats why.)
30kmh Speed Sign
80kmh Speed Sign
70kmh Speed Sign
100kmh Speed Sign
120kmh Speed Sign
140kmh Speed Sign
Bus Parking Sign
Chevron Left Sign
Chevron Right Sign
Pedestrian Crossing Sign
Give Way Sign
No Entry Sign
No Parking Sign
Parking Sign
U-turn Sign
Stop Sign
No Motorcycle Sign
Right Curve Sign
Left Curve Sign
T-Junction Sign
Crossroads Sign
Slippery Road Sign
Work Ahead Sign
Merge Sign
Road Narrowing Sign
Go Straight or Right Sign
Go Straight or Left Sign
Airport Sign
Dead End Sign
Petrol Station Sign
Motorway Start Sign
Motorway End Sign

b) Guardrails

  • In total, there are 3 types of guardrails (4 if you consider crowd controllers as guardrails)(excluding it's various components).
  • Images of what they look like can be referred further below in this post.
• Standard guardrail (has 6 components)
• Facility-oriented guardrail (has 3 components)
• Race track wall / guardrail (has 3 components for each red and white variants)
• Crowd controller (has 1 component)

c) Racing sponsor banners

  • In total, there are 34 different racing banners. (God have mercy if I get a copyright claim).

d) Petrol / fuel pump (Inspired by LeanH.!)

  • In total, there are 19 fuel pumps and 1 EV charger.
  • 3 of the 19 fuel pumps are irl companies (Petronas, Shell, Texaco), the other 16 are pumps that don't have brands and comes in all 16 vanilla Minecraft dye colors.

e) Others/Extras

  • Consists of a streetlamp (it's components are divided into 3/4), a cone and an iron fence (the first model I tested to make blocks!).
  • Don't have a picture of it, you may refer the various preview pictures below.

• Preview of the assets


• How to obtain (Important!)

Due to blocks still being an Experimental feature, they currently aren't possible to be obtained from the Creative Inventory (expected to be fixed by Mojang in the upcoming updates). Luckily, there are a few alternative ways that I've made in order to get them.

Method 1: Purchase/trade them using an IBM 5150 PC

You can also get it from the Creative Inventory by searching "IBM" without the ".
It basically works similar to a Villagerright click to open a trade menu to exchange goods. Only in this case, the cost of the items are in DuckBucks which can be obtained from exchanging diamonds and/or emeralds. (If you use this pack in a world that has the Umäk : Retro Furniture addon which also has DuckBucks, you can use those DuckBucks to buy/trade stuff in this addon as well.)
There are 5 sections that you can browse through, each section sells different types of goods according to the categories mentioned earlier.
In a nutshell, here is how it works:
To change sectionright click WHILE shifting/crouching.
To traderight click the PC.
Section 1: ( to purchase Road Signs)
Section 2: Nakazato Guardrails ( to purchase Guardrails)
Section 3: KoteX Racing Banners ( to purchase Racing Sponsor Banners)
Section 4: ( to purchase Petrol/Fuel Pumps)
Section 5: Extra Road Utilities ( to purchase Other/Extra stuff)

Method 2: Use /function command

This method basically gives you all the assets when you run the command. Like Method 1, the commands are divided into 5 parts. The list are as follows:
/function roadsigns_set  ..........( Road Signs)
/function guardrail_set  ............( Guardrails)
/function racingsponsors_set ...( Racing Sponsor Banners)
/function petrolpump_set  ........( Petrol/Fuel Pumps)
/function extraroadstuff_set   ...( Others/Extra stuff)
When using this method, make sure your inventory is empty to make sure you get every piece.


• Reminder!

As of Minecraft update 1.17.0, this addon requires the Holiday Creator Features (Experimental Mode) to be turned on in order to work! This requirement however will most likely not be required in upcoming updates by Mojang. Will update this post once the update comes.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.11
  • 1.17



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