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Toast's Engineering V2

Toast's Engineering V2
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Toast Engineering is a mix of multiple ideas I had. This add-on introduces a couple of things that play off of other add-ons! Firstly it adds stalactites which are its standalone addon and it adds electrical and engineering items for crafting! Highly Encourage to download with other addons, as then the engineering items have a use!

Stalactites! (Will be adjusted once v1.18 is officially out!)

Starting off with Stone Stalactites/Stalagmites

  • Generates Everywhere, in caves below y60!
  • Breaks instantly, Gives Cobble

Icy Stalactites

  • Breaks Instantly, only the base gives off cobblestone
  • Spawns in cold/frozen biomes, (Taiga, Tundra, Ice Spikes)
  • Drips water, only if manually placed (Minecraft Bugs)

Icy Geyser 

  • Has extremely small chance to spawn strays, otherwise puffs snow particles

Sandstone Stalactites

  • Break Instantly, Drops Sandstone
  • Only in deserts, beaches
  • Drips Lava if manually placed

Hot Geyser

  • Has an extremely small chance of spawning a husk.
  • Otherwise puffs smoke & lava particles
  • Spawns in hot biomes



  • Found between y25-50, needs a stone pickaxe or better to mine!
  • Use mostly in heat-related machines.


  • Found Between y10-35, mine with a stone pick or better
  • A slightly rare metal

New Crafting Materials and Blocks

Adding 5 new plates, 2 wires, and 6 other ingredients mainly for other addons!


Important Recipies (Don't show up in the recipe book)

Copper Coil

Gold Coil

Machine Base

Advanced Machine Base (Reinforced Iron, Silver, Tin Plates!) V2

Plates & Wires (these show up in the recipe book)

  • Make Wire Cutters and Metal Smashers to make their specified thing!

Compress your Ores! Raw ores can be compressed (but not placed)

Advanced Machinery

I've changed all of the machinery recipes except (chunk loader, mechanical furnace, and steam generator, won't change for some reason)
Tin and Silver ore will generate from sieves and other stuff if you are playing in any skyblock maps!

Some recipes:

  • Power Core, extremely different recipes, same progression!
  • End Game Recipes
  • Still Some cheap recipes

Advanced Machinery Expansion

The reactor has not been touched so continue as normal! Some things are exponentially more expensive and some things I've toned down.


You will now need to upgrade your gears instead of separately crafting each tier!

Redid Circuit Recipes to Include electrical parts!

Most recipes are changed to fit the engineering type of feel!

V2 Changes

I've updated and fixed some of the non-working recipes.

I've also added the recipes to conveyors and related stuff!

Also Made Power Core Appropriately Expensive!



When putting this pack with Advance Machinery (as well as Advanced Machinery Expansion) put it ON TOP as shown above! or the recipes will default back to the original Advance Machinery Recipes.





Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)
  • 1.17



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