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105 Structure's

105 Structure's
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105 Structures is a fantastic addon that allows you to spawn in a plethora of one hundred and five different structures, using structure blocks. it has everything from parks and stores to majestic sky scrapers. all structures in this addon will spawn almost instantly once with a touch of a button. this addon is compatible with minecraft version 1.17.11!

105 structure's
In this fantastic addon you will be able to spawn in a plethora of structures using structure blocks, almost instantly. it has everything, ranging from a simple suburban house to stores, buildings, and even skyscrapers! you can build a city in seconds using structure blocks with this addon.
So what structures are included in this addon?
  • Boat x4
  • Buildings and Skyscrapers x39
  • Farm x1
  • Restaurant's  x3
  • Fire Departments x3
  • Garages x2
  • Gas stations x2
  • Military base x1
  • Modern Houses x5
  • Parks x7
  • Stores/shops x11
  • Suburban houses x12
  • Misc/other builds x15
How to use
Once you have downloaded the addon and ported it to minecraft, enable the addon on your world. once done enter the world and type the following command "/give @s structure_block" once done it should appear in your inventory, place down the block and press load type in the id of any structures in this addon. once done press the load button bellow the preview and enjoy! you can find a list of the structures in the showcase world bellow. and remember to use capitalization when trying to load a structure and type it exactly how it is on the id.
This addon is compatible with minecraft version 1.17.11. if it works on other versions, be sure to let us know!


You can download the addon, the showcase world or both. once you done downloading it should port directly into minecraft!
every structure in the addon can be found in the showcase world

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.11



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