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Adventure Expansion [Beta v1.7]

Adventure Expansion [Beta v1.7]
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Adventure Expansion is an addon that plans to add more adventure and exploration into the game! As well as fun bosses, cool and powerful weapons and overall a nice experience.
This addon is currently in beta and everything shown in the addon is subject to change in the future.

Goblin Raid:
The Goblin Raid is a new event in the game that can be summoned via the "Goblin Banner", the item is crafted with 6 leather and one wood block. As easy it is to obtain, be careful that the event is very powerful. The Goblin Banner must be interacted with to start it, you can start the harder version with a totem of enraging.
The Goblin Raid contains new mobs such as the Goblin Warrior, Goblin Ranger, Goblin Summoner, Goblin Grunt and the boss of the event, the Goblin Beast.
The Hardmode Goblin Raid has the same mobs, but they are much more difficult as they have new abilities such as using a shield, shooting flaming arrows, although these goblins will drop better loot so it's good for farming.
Goblin Merchant:
The Goblin Merchant is a peaceful goblin that will stop (similarly to the Wandering Trader) and will sell you exclusive items. The Goblin Merchant only accepts Orange Sapphires, which are obtained from the Goblin Raid Event.

Dragon's Den :
The Dragon's Den is a new structure that is found underground, it contains a mysterious egg that can be hatched by breaking it and placing back down and waiting 4-5 minutes. Once this dragon hatches, you can either wait until it grows up or feed it steak or cooked porkchops, once it is grown you can tame it with steak or pork. After the dragon is tamed, you can ride it and take to the skies!
Battle Tower:
The Battle Tower is a new structure that is commonly found in the overworld, you need a tower key to enter it. To obtain a key, you must go through dungeons and mineshafts to find a key mold, surround the mold with 8 gold to get a tower key!

Inferno Miniboss!
Inferno is a stronger variant of the blaze and has a appearance similar to the cancelled "Hovering Inferno" from Minecon 2017 and unused Minecraft Dungeons mob "Wildfire", this mob shoots out stronger fireballs that do more damage. It's melee attack is also much stronger. They drop "Inferno Fragments" which can be used for a Flame Staff.
Magic is a new mechanic found in this addon! To get started with magic you'll need to cure a Zombie Wizard, these spawn commonly and are cured the same way as Zombie Villagers. (Weakness and Golden Apples). Once cured, you can trade with the wizard for some basic magic stuff. Such as the Mana Brewing Station, which requires three levels and you have to hold lapis. Then you interact with it and it will fill up with a blue liquid, interact once more to recieve mana.
All magic weapons use this mana as a ammo system, just put the mana in your offhand whenever you wanna use it!
Experience Storage!
Storing XP is now possible! You can obtain it from a wizard for some orange sapphires!
The three different sizes can contain different amounts.
Small: 1  Medium: 5  Large: 10
Platinum, a new resource that's between iron and diamond, you can make Platinum Armor with it and also create a Castle Key with a castle key mold.
The Castle
Once a Castle Key is obtained, you'll be able to place down the key and summon the castle! There is a mysterious egg that needs to be interacted to summon the Blue Dragon boss. This boss once killed will drop its scales and bones, which can be used for the Blue Dragon Armor.
Pirate Ship
Pirate Ships are a rare structure found in oceans will with powerful mobs and good loot. You can find a miniboss in there so be careful!
The Shadow Stone Dungeon
These randomized dungeons are found under the entrance that looks like the image below: There are some Cracked Shadow Stone Brick blocks found in there, break them with a diamond pickaxe to enter them. Be sure to have a water bucket on you, since the fall is steep. There's a lot of good items and powerful mobs in here so prepare yourself!
Pirate Ship ingame.
The Goblins
The inside of a Battle Tower
Showcase of Platinum related items.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.11
  • 1.17



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