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Fénix Family (Comes Alive) v4 All Update

Fénix Family (Comes Alive) v4 All Update
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Hello this is my version of comes alive I know it is not the best but not being able to create custom uis for entities this is what you can do
This addon offers new mobs with which you can live, grow, marry, reproduce and die; if just like in real life and like in real life you can be rejected by a pixel mob

Fenix Family

comes alive

this addon offers you to be rejected ... I say become a boyfriend or get married in minecraft as in java put them to work interact and receive messages from the entity then the mobs

New mobs

Men and Women

Spawn biome:
you can interact with them and get to know them make your boyfriend marry even have babies
women have a model matching the version of comes alive; They are able to sleep in beds but not to get up, something very common only breaks the bed.
They will defend themselves if you attack them.
They have around 40 skins each and a single entity

health: 25
attack: 3 (equals 1 and a half hearts)
women have bib models personalities

Fenix trader:

Spawning biome:
They are used to buy things with tungsten
They will defend themselves if you attack them.
It only has a skin that of a friend "ChrisDemonic"
health: 25
attack: 3 (equals 1 and a half heart)



The phoenixes are mobs that appear in the phoenix biome, they are semi-strange tame them with magma cream and you put a chair on it and that's it.

How to Interact?

easy you just need to get the items hug, tell story, give compliments etc.
and how do i get that very easy just craft the fenix block
now just break it
and right click or the button to interact on mobile phones and it will respond to your interaction
how does it work:
very easy role-play to tell her a joke take the joke item and interact and voila she will give you her opinion if she is good she will get a corzason and if it is bad a storm
available in Spanish, Russian, English and Portuguese
If you are ready to get married, it is time to craft the ring

Crafting in a ring

It will come out in the inventory and it is crafted with tungsten like the original version is crafted with rose gold I create my own version then put an emerald on top or buy it from the seller and that's it
Hey, where do I get the tungsten from?

New ore


It appears only under the phoenix biome between coordinates 20 to 11 when breaking it you will get raw tungsten and when cooking it you can get the ingot to trade or craft
You can make a storage with the ingot that is, make it a completely useless block
no you can't make yourself a tungsten armor not all prayers have to be armor this already has a utility to trade or craft a ring


Equip armor

already married, right click or mount
unfortunately only on the chest will the other parts be seen as a team
mount it, will not have the inventory throw the piece either boots helmet pants even sword and it will pick it up

How to heal

married feed him

How to have a baby

right click on the dna item
it will make a small animation, right click again and it will throw your baby
and if you can get a man pregnant

to work

right click on any of these items:
iron hoe: summon a mini tractor that will sew it on top of any crop infinitely for 15 seconds
iron pickaxe: invoke an ore that will kill him and you will get the minerals that he "mined"
diamond axe: it will give you a lot of wood

go on or sit

press shift or stalk and you will get the button to sit or stand up and make an animation

R / establish home

Right click with the item set home and then it will stop following you, it will move freely, it will protect your house etc but how does she know where my house is and where not to move away for that you need the set home block
the house block only works with men and women
for male babies they are ravagolem stuffed animals:
for female babies they are cradles:
The block restricts an area of 16x16x16 and it is this state not to interact with them and they cannot follow you so you cannot sit it either
to return to normal state, right click again with the item set home

My baby

To make it yours, tame it, etc., you will need a quiet bottle, the baby will not move until you tame it.

Bottle warmer

right click it with a flint and steel
now right click with your cold bottles and you will warm them

Cold bottle crafting

tame it
And that's all you can do with your wife, your son or daughter will do it until work, but you can't get your son pregnant.
it will grow a little every 360 seconds until it becomes an adult where it will stop growing
you can rename it with a tag if you don't like the one it was born with

Biome Fenix

there spawn the humans, the phoenix, there is their house the caules are generated automatically by minecraft some have an unpleasant surprise you are warned
here the tungsten ore is generated
do not live here: however it is optimized so that the entities with which you have not interacted in this way disappear to avoid lag it is still recommended not to live here take what you want but it is recommended to live outside this biome besides that here it is rare that animals spawn

my review in spanish



activate all experimental methods
you don't need the caves and cliff but I always activate it xD

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17 (beta)
  • 1.17.11
  • (beta)
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.100
  • 1.16.230 (beta)
  • 1.16.221
  • 1.16.220 (beta)
  • 1.16.210 (beta)
  • 1.16.201
  • 1.16.200
  • 1.16.101



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