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Chaos++ is a mod for 1.17+ that makes Minecraft chaotic! If it exist it will probably attack you. From Sea turtles flying to Llamas spitting TNT. Also comes with a auto death counter!

Chaos++ has such chaotic features including:
All throwables are horribly inaccurate (Inspired by Fundy)
  • bats, and sea turtles now share the same AI as phantoms as well as no longer hovering and will always attack
  • blazes has rapid fire
  • cats/ocelots attack everything except players and when tamed have Infinite health cats and ocelots hate each other
  • cave spiders/spider are even smaller, deals more damage, faster, and longer lasting poison
  • chickens now attack players and are very fast
  • creepers are faster, blow up instantly, and have bigger blast radius.
  • cows are bigger and have more health (they don't attack you)
  • donkeys, mules, and horses are very strong (They will one shot kill you, they are very strong)
  • eggs now have 100% chance to spawn 100 creepers
  • endermen now attack on sight, faster, and do more damage
  • endermites are stronger
  • enderpearls now have 100% chance to spawn 5 endermites
  • ghast has rapid fire
  • all zombies are spawned in their baby form as well as zombie pigmen attack you on sight
  • iron golems and snow golems now attack on sight regardless of player created
  • llamas now shoot massive amounts of super buffed TNT when attacked
  • slimes and magma cubes are bigger, faster, and deal more damage
  • pigs are slower than chickens but do more damage
  • piglin attack on sight regardless of gold armor also ranged piglin have rapid fire
  • pillager has rapid fire
  • players now have less air underwater, die upon touching lava, wearing armor in nether burns the player (it is very hot) and grass have thorns (inspired by Fundy and small grass damage can be avoid by any type of boots except chainmail)
  • salmon now attack players
  • sheep now shoot arrows and has rapid fire
  • shulkers now have rapid fire
  • silverfish are faster, and bigger
  • skeletons has rapid fire
  • snowballs do infinite damage
  • squids now shoot fireballs also has rapid fire (why not)
  • witches has rapid fire
  • wither skeletons are now smaller, faster, and do more damage
  • untamed wolfs when angered have infinite health, faster, and do more damage


No installation instructions needed. Just install it like any other pack.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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