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Minecraft But All Ores Are Blocks

Minecraft But All Ores Are Blocks
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Hey, This is a mcpe addon in which all ores are blocks my original idea is from Wisp, there are 4 different subpacks in this game which is all said below (main description), and why it didn't change sometimes, and how to change them all are in the main description!

Minecraft but all ores are blocks, Use the settings icon to change the type for the addon, when you are in a ravine or in a giant / big area it may not work because it reduces lag for your device, especially, for mobile devices. Do not publish, copy or edit this addon unfairly Join Discord for help
 You can access tiers by clicking the highlighted settings icon in the below picture 

Here are some images of the tiers. you can see how to set them in the installation guide
and here are some examples of what is meant by reducing lag of device and why ores don't change
More Than 20 blocks of any ore will be like an ore just like the above image 
Here is a little comparison -

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.7
  • 1.6
  • 1.17.11



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