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Minecraft Earth Monsters Addon

Minecraft Earth Monsters Addon
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In late June of this year, Minecraft Earth was discontinued and will no longer be playable. It had many unique items and mobs to see in it. But did you ever wanted to have some of the mobs in normal MInecraft? This add-on is for you! We added 5 monsters from Minecraft Earth to normal Minecraft. Read more about it below and enjoy.

The Tropical Slime; it's a new water slime you could sometimes find spawning in the oceans. If your not careful, it's gonna attack you and your axolotls to deal 6 damage. If you kill it, you can get a bit of experience and 0-3 tropical fishes. If you use a water bucket on it, you get a tropical fish bucket. It has 3 sizes but they split into normal slimes when killed, I don't know how to fix it. Axolotls will attack tropical slimes.
The Lobber Zombie; it sometimes spawns instead of a normal zombie, but it's more common then a zombie villager. If you come to close, it has a melee attack which deals 5 damage and gives hunger for 30 seconds. At a distance, it could attack you with rotten flesh to deal 3 damage and give a weakness effect. They are hostile to villagers and iron golems too, and will burn in the sun like some other zombies. With a smite sword, you could kill them more easily. They drop the same items as other zombies, but drops more rotten flesh on average.
The Bone Spider; it can sometimes be found below y0 (if you turn on caves and cliffs settings). It has a melee attack that deals 7 damage and 10 seconds of wither effect, but at a distance it shoots bone shards that deal 5 damage. Like other undead mobs, they can't drown and will burn in the sun. You can kill them easily with the smite or bane of arthropods enchantment. On death, they drop 10 experience and also bones, bone meal and string.
The Viler Witch; it rarely spawns in place of a regular witch, the easiest way to find one is in the swamps. It has 3 different attacks: shooting lingering acid, shooting fireballs and summoning witches. However, they don't use potions like normal witches. If you kill it, you could get 20 experience points and the same items as a normal witch, but in higher quantities.
The Skeleton Wolf; often, it spawn in the soul sand valley biome in the nether. It behaves a bit like a wolf, but is always hostile to you and can't be tamed. It's melee attack deals 4 damage to you, rabbits, sheep and foxes. Occasionally, it also howls, which hurts you and other mobs for 6 damage, but doesn't hurt skeletal mobs and gives them a strength effect for 10 seconds. Like wolves, hurting one makes them all angry at you. Again, the smite enchantment can kill them easily. Killing it gives 5 experience and bones.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17 (beta)
  • 1.17.11
  • (beta)
  • 1.17



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