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Origins Mod Bedrock Edition Addon (v1.2.2)

Origins Mod Bedrock Edition Addon (v1.2.2)
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play Minecraft with extra abilities?
Or have you seen the Origins Mod for the Java Edition, thought about how fun it would be to play, but can't because you can only play on Bedrock?
Well then this addon is for you!

Disclaimer for people looking for the Origins Mod for the Java Edition or a version of it for Bedrock Edition!
This is in no way a perfect replica of the original Origins Mod for the Java Edition!
Some things have been changed to work properly within the limitations of the Bedrock Edition, while also attempting to keep the features as close to the style of the original and as balanced as possible!

Latest Verison

The lastest version of this addon is v1.2.2, view the changelog to see what has changed, or the full changelog following the Google Doc link at the bottom of the changelog.

Showcase Video

v1.2.0 Showcase
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Going over v1.2.2 changes and answering commonly asked questions.

Information and List of Origins

This addon adds origins that people can select at the beginning of their game and play with. These origins are based on creatures that give you special abilities that also come with balancing side effects.
The origin selection screen:
On this screen, the arrows let you choose between "origin groups", with this addon, you'll only see Base Origins, Extra Origins (if you enable the Extra Origins pack), and Weird People Origins (if you enable the Weird People Origins pack), but if you enable a origin pack made by someone else, it will also appear.
The center slot displays which origin group is selected.
The book gives you another book giving you information about the currently selected origin group and the origins in it.
The checkmark selects the selected origin group and brings you to the list of origins for that origin group.
The actionbar tells you which origin is selected, if it can be selected, and how many players are already using the origin on that world.
The X brings you back to the list of origin groups.
The arrows cycle through the origins in the selected origin group.
The center slot displays which origin is selected.
The checkmark closes the origin selection screen and selects the origin.
To use the selection items on your hotbar, you need to use them as if you are eating them or charging a bow or crossbow.
The origins this addon adds are heavily based on the ones from the Origins Mod on the Java Edition by Apace100 on These origins include:
A regular human. Your ordinary Minecraft experience awaits.
Their climbing abilities and the ability to trap their foes in spiderweb make the Arachnid perfect hunters.
+ Climbing       You are able to climb up any kind of wall, not just ladders, by jumping continuously to ascend and sneaking to descend.
+ Webbing        When an enemy gets too close behind you while your webbing is enabled, you trap them in cobweb. Webbing is toggleable by double jumping and you quickly remove any cobwebs you look at while webbing is disabled.
+ Spider Sense   You can see better in the dark, toggleable by jumping while sneaking.
- Fragile        You have 3 less hearts of health than humans.
- Carnivore      Your diet is restricted to meat, you can't eat vegetables.
The Avian race has lost their ability to fly a long time ago. Now these peaceful creatures can be seen gliding from one place to another.
+ Featherweight   You fall as gently to the ground as a feather would, unless you sneak.
+ Tailwind   You are a little bit quicker on foot than others.
+ Oviparous   Whenever you wake up in the morning, you will lay an egg.
- Fresh Air   When sleeping, your bed needs to be at an altitude of at least 86 blocks, so you can breathe fresh air.
- Vegetarian   You can't digest any meat.
Late descendants of the Blaze, the Blazeborn are naturally immune to the perils of the Nether.
+ Fire Immunity       You are immune to all types of fire damage.
+ Burning Wrath       When on fire, you deal additional damage with your attacks.
+ Hotblooded          Due to your hot body, venoms burn up, making you immune to poison and hunger status effects.
- Nether Inhabitant   You spawn in the nether and become weaker while not in the nether.
- Hydrophobia         You receive damage over time while in contact with water.
Often flying around in the winds, Elytrians are uncomfortable when they don't have enough space above their head.
+ Winged              You have Elytra wings without needing to equip any.
+ Gift of the Winds   Every 30 seconds, you are able to launch about 20 blocks up into the air by double jumping while sneaking.
+ Aerial Combat       You deal substantially more damage while in Elytra flight.
- Need for Mobility   You can not wear any netherite armor.
- Brittle Bones       You take more damage from falling and flying into blocks.
- Claustrophobia      Being somewhere with a low ceiling will weaken youand make you slower.
Born as sons and daughters of the Ender Dragon, Enderians are capable of teleporting but are vulnerable to water.
+ Teleportation   You get an ender pearl 5 seconds after using one and you heal from damage taken from ender pearls.
+ Tough Skin      You have 5 more hearts of health than humans.
= Slender Body    You are slightly quicker on foot because of the length of your legs, but you are half a block taller than humans.
- Hydrophobia     You receive damage over time while in contact with water.
With their cat-like appearance, the Feline scares creepers and phantoms away. With the dexterity of cats, they always land safely on their feet.
+ Acrobatics           You never take fall damage, no matter from which height you fall.
+ Strong Ankles        You are able to jump higher by jumping while sprinting.
+ Catlike Appearance   Creepers and phantoms are scared of you and creepers will only explode if you get too close.
= Nocturnal            You mine slower during the day, but run faster at night and can see clearer in the dark, toggleable by jumping while sneaking.
- Nine Lives           You have 1 less heart of health than humans.
These natural inhabitants of the ocean are not used to being out of the water for too long.
+ Wet Eyes   Your vision underwater is perfect.
+ Aqua Affinity   You may break blocks underwater as others can on land.
+ Fins   Your underwater speed is increased.
= Gills   You can breathe underwater, but not on land.
As half-human and half-phantom offspring, these creatures can switch between a Phantom and a normal form by jumping while sneaking.
+ Phasing   While phantomized, you can phase through solid material, except Obsidian, while sneaking, and you can use your primary power while in natural stone and netherrack to see through walls.
+ Invisibility   While phantomized, you are invisible.
- Fast Metabolism   Being phantomized causes you to become hungry.
- Photoallergic   You begin to burn in daylight if you are not invisible.
- Fragile   You have 3 less hearts of health than humans.
Related to Shulkers, the bodies of the Shulk are outfitted with a protective shell-like skin.
+ Hoarder   You have access to an additional 9 slots of inventory, which keep the items on death. Accessible by interacting with the ground right below you like you would with a chest minecart, while sneaking in the overworld.
+ Sturdy Skin   Even without wearing armor, your skin provides natural protection.
+ Strong Arms   You are able to mine slightly faster than humans.
- Unwieldy   The way your hands are formed provide no way of holding a shield upright.
- Large Appetite   You exhaust much quicker while sprinting than humans, thus requiring you to eat more.
There are other origins you can use by adding the Extra Origins and Weird People Origin packs, you can find the full list of the origins this addon adds here!

Orb of Origin?

The Orb of Origin adds a way for people to change their origin later on in the game if they don't like their decision, it can be used by using it like a consumable. The optional behavior pack "Origins Mod Craftable Orb of Origin" adds a way for the Orb of Origin to be obtained in survival without the use of commands. This behavior pack can go anywhere in the list of behavior packs. To get the Orb of Origin with commands, do "/give @s origins:orb_of_origin".
The crafting recipe:
(Any enchanted book works.)

Creator Notes

Reuploading and Note for Content Creators
Don't reupload this addon elsewhere (however, posting custom origins you make is fine as long as you give credit to Apace for the mod and me for the addon), do not claim the addon as your own, and give credit if you use this addon on a server, on a realm, with friends, for a YouTube video, ect! If you do use this addon and leave a link for it, do not link it to the direct Mediafire downloads, link it to the MCPEDL post, Discord server, or the showcase video! Also, don't use any link shorteners on the link like adfly or linkvertise, it's not your addon to profit from!
If a feature like the Phantom burning in the sun is not working properly, relogging can sometimes fix it, but if it doesn't, please submit a bug report to the Discord server about the issue so that I may fix it and update the addon with the fix!
Supported Platforms
This addon does work on mobile and Windows 10, and should work on all other versions of Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Although depending on the power or age of your device, it can get quite laggy!
Supported Versions
This version of the addon has only been tested in 1.17.11, but supports 1.17.10 and later updates, earlier versions will not run with this addon, and future or beta versions may have problems! Problems found in betas will not be fixed, and this addon will be updated as soon as possible for future non-beta releases of Minecraft Bedrock Edition if issues arise!
Multiplayer Compatibility
This has been tested with multiplayer and it is multiplayer compatible, but depending on connection, things like climbing as the Arachnid can be quite delayed, and depending on the amount of players and the power of the hosts device, things can get quite laggy!
Realm Support
This addon does support realms, but because of a realms bug, the order you apply packs in is not saved, so the Extra Origins and Weird People Origins may not be selectable!


How to Install and Play the Addon?

Follow this download tutorial!
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Discord server:
Once the addon has imported into the game, to add it to your world or a new world, edit an existing world or create a new one, make sure cheats are enabled, no Experiments or Education Edition fearures required, and activate the behavior pack for either the Base Origins or Extra Origins, the corresponding resource pack should be added automatically.
After this you should be able to join or create your world and play! When you join, it will ask you to jump to verify you have joined the game, just jump and it will stop. If your chat is still spammed with command outputs afterwards, make sure cheats are enabled. If you are not able to select any of the Extra Origins or Weird People Origins, check that your bejav packs are in the right order. If you are not given any origin selection options, make sure the packs have been added properly and that they are at the top of your active packs list, if they have been added properly and it's still not working, deleting and importing the packs again after closing and reopening Minecraft and clearing the cache has fixed the issue before. If this still does not fix the issue, then please send a message in the support channel on the Discord server about the issue and give as much detail as possible!

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.11



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