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This is an add-on that adds useful commands for architecture.
Make it possible to create spheres, circles, and hollow spheres and circles with commands.
Add a brush that can create spheres and circles right before your eyes just by using it. 

Be sure to enable "Holiday Creator Features" and "Enable Gametest Framework" for worlds that use BuildingAddon.


How to use?

You can use it by typing this in the chat in Minecraft
Then you will see something like this

It's still under development, so it may look different from the image.


How to use each subcommands

・blockId... ID of the block of buildings you want to build
・radius... Radius of the building you want to build
・direction... Direction of the building you want to build
・hollow... Whether to make the building you want to build hollow or not.
・buildType... Write the commands for building circle, sphere, etc. as they are.

If we write the command based on the above, it will look like this

However, it didn't work.

It says you do not have the authority.

Players who use building commands cannot use them without a builder tag.

So, we can use it by typing the following command
Then type the command again
The hollow circle is ready.
Also, if you remove true and then run it, you will get a circle like the one below.
And now try to run a command like this
A sphere like this was created.
Next, we will use the brush command.
Then, when you use the stick you just got...
Just by using a stick, a sphere was created in front of me!


  1. Click BuildingAddon to access the external site
  2. Click on Free Access
  3. Click Continue
  4. Click the "X" and wait a few seconds
  5. Wait a few seconds and press the "X" again
  6. After clicking DOWNLOAD, the BuildingAddon.mcpack will be downloaded
  7. Run the downloaded BuildingAddon.mcpack
  8. Make sure "Holiday Creator Features" and "Enable GameTest Framework" are enabled in the settings of the world you want to add BuildingAddon to
  9. Add the BuildingAddon to the world you want to add

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.11



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