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Timer Structure v1.0.0

Timer Structure v1.0.0
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Ever needed a timer for your puzzle and adventure maps? This addon adds a structure of command blocks that can be implemented in your circuits, to time your maps now.

How to use:

First add the addon on the map where it will be used, after that use the command:
/structure load timer ~ ~ ~
Be careful when loading the structure it may appear in an undesirable location, it occupies a 5X6 area. You can modify it with it will be loaded with the other parameters of the structure command.

Setting timer:

After loading the structure, click on the reset button, it is very important to click on it or the timer will not work and use the command:
/scoreboard players set min timerConfig [here put the minutes]
Exemple: /scoreboard players set min timerConfig 2
and for seconds, use the command:
/scoreboard players set sec timerConfig [here put the seconds]
Exemple: /scoreboard players set sec timerConfig 30
Then click again on reset, and ready the timer can work, just click on the lever.
Tip: the timer is advanced 1 second, so if you want 30 seconds, it is recommended to set 31 seconds, if you don't use the minutes it is recommended to set it to 0

Know the structure:

The structure has three main points:
Reset: This input should be used to configure and reset the timer. Redstone: Fast charge (button).
Controller: This input turns the timer on and off.  Redstone: Continuous charge (lever).
Output: is the output of the timer, emits a redstone charge when the timer ends. Redstone: Continuous charge (lever).


One timer per map, avoids conflicts and errors.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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