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Minescape RPG Addon V 0.4.1 Major Announcement

Minescape RPG Addon V 0.4.1 Major Announcement
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Minescape is an addon that I've been wanting to create for a long time, bringing skills and aspects of Runescape as well as other RPGs to Minecraft, I never found something that accomplished what I wanted, so now I've set out to do just that. This Addon seeks to add new goals to go towards in the end-game of Minecraft.

Hey Everyone! Welcome to the Version 0.4.1 release of Minescape!
With an update as large as 0.5 will be, I want to make sure I get player feedback on new updates. I have created a short questionnaire regarding major topics of the next update. If you would be so kind as to answer these questions to help me with the next update, I would greatly appreciate it.
Why has this update taken so long to create?
The next major update of this addon is going to be adding skills from the popular game Old School Runescape. I have almost perfected the agility and stamina system, and I am hard at work creating new features. Update 0.4.1 and I have an important announcement regarding the next update.
When are you going to start adding in skills from Runescape?
The agility skill and stamina system are the current skills to be included in version 0.5
This addon has a lot of things in it that aren't being talked about here?
I have gone through updates starting at version 0.1, with each incremental version adding a ton of new things, I don't want this page to be completely cluttered with every little bit of the addon, so I will only be keeping this page relevant with things in the current update. To help with this, I plan to be adding a book you can obtain in-game that will have information on all aspects of the addon to help you out.
Everything in Version 0.4:
Development Update
  • Bug Fixes
  • Item Changes
  • New Items
  • Entity Changes
  • New Entity
  • Overall Addon Changes
Bug Fixes in 0.4:
  • Pillagers spawned from raids will no longer crash the game
  • The abandoned mineshaft's loot table now functions correctly
  • The Wither and Ender Dragon Leggings, Platebody, and Helmets are now enchantable
  • The Ender Dragon Pickaxe can now be crafted
  • The Wither Platebody will once again protect the user from the Wither effect
  • The Wither Sword base and socketed versions can now be repaired using the Wither Sword and Wither Ingots
  • The Dragon Pickaxe has had it's mineable list updated to include 1.17 blocks and other miscellaneous blocks
  • The drop rates for the Ender Dragon and Wither were not functioning as intended and are now more rewarding
Bug Fixes in 0.4.1:
  • You can no longer breed Golden Chunkens to acquire more Golden Chunkens
  • Treasure Goblins will no longer spawn at night in peaceful worlds
  • Treasure Goblins will no longer drop a large amount of gold nuggets
  • The Salmon loot table has been fixed, and they can now drop loot bags
Item Changes:
  • Loot Bags Reworked:
    • New items have been added
    • Some bad items that were unnecessary were removed
    • Increased the chance of getting a party hat from Rare, Uncommon, and Common Loot bags
    • Lowered the amount of items given from Legendary Loot Bags
    • Particle effects are now unique to each Loot Bag
    • You can now exchange lower tier Loot Bags with leatherworkers for higher tiers
      • Tiers:
        • Level 1 and 2: Common -> Uncommon
        • Level 3 and 4: Uncommon -> Rare
        • Level 5: Rare-> Legendary
Note that leatherworkers have retained all of their old trades, there is now just a chance of these trades showing up
  • Concrete Crafting
    • You can now craft any concrete via a crafting table using 8 concrete powder and 1 water bucket
New Items:
  • Unique Loot Bag:
    • Drops from Treasure Goblin
    • Currently will give special limited time items that will be rotated/changed in each update
      • Item List:
        • Wooden Paddle (Knockback 10)
        • Amongus Headband (R) (displays Amongus red particles)
        • Amongus Headband (B) (displays Amongus blue particles)
        • Amongus Headband (Y) (displays Amongus yellow particles)
        • Doug Dimmadome Hat (gives Village Hero effect)
        • M for Mini (Makes you smaller)
        • W for Wumbo (Makes you bigger)
Entity Changes:
  • Chunken:
    • Raised the minimum and lowered the maximum jump height and speed for Chunkens
    • Corrected the spelling on the spawn eggs
    • Killing a tamed Chunken that has not been named will now properly display it's name on the death message instead of "Unknown"
      • Golden Chunken:
        • Only obtainable through breeding with a 1/20 chance
        • Has a higher range of health, jump height, and movement speed
New Entity:
  • Treasure Goblin:
    • Runs away from nearby players
    • Turns invisible when hit
    • Leaves a gold nugget trail to help you follow them
    • Teleports randomly
    • Spawns in the Overworld (in darkness), Nether, and End
    • Drops a Unique Loot Bag on death
Overall Addon Changes:
  • Changelog added inside of BP and RP
  • Readme section inside of BP and RP
  • New Logo! (Will be worked on in future updates)


If you have downloaded a previous update, you will need to go to your resource and behavior pack folders and delete the old version before putting in the new one.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.230 (beta)
  • 1.16.221
  • 1.16



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