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Hardcore Mode with Ultra Hardcore!

Hardcore Mode with Ultra Hardcore!
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Adds Hardcore Mode to Minecraft Bedrock Edition. A Java Edition exclusive, Hardcore leaves you with only one life, and locks the game in Hard difficulty. It's the most challenging gamemode. If you've been waiting for Bedrock to get Hardcore for all these years, or you just want an extra challenge, this is the add-on for you!

As stated above, this pack adds hardcore mode to the game. This is certainly a challenge, but if you want even more, change the subpack to Ultra Hardcore to get one of the hardest gamemodes possible in a (mostly) vanilla experience. Ultra Hardcore makes it so that your health cannot naturally regenerate. Regeneration can only be done with things like potions, golden apples, and suspicious stew.
In addition, Hardcore Mode changes the appearance of the player's health bar.
This is the default health bar. You can see the hearts have some kind of design on them.
When poisoned, the hearts turn green, but still have the strange design on them. (All of them do.)
Absorption and wither, shown above.
When you die, you will have a modified death screen, which says Game Over! and Spectate World. (It says Leave Game too, but that's boring. Bedrock Edition does not yet have support for deleting worlds from the death screen.)

 Upon respawning, you will be invisible, unkillable, and unable to change the world. You will also be able to fly. (Bedrock Edition also doesn't support phasing through blocks unfortunately.)
(I would show a picture, but there isn't much to show of something invisible)
If you really want to resurrect yourself, it's cheating you can put in the following command:
This will cause the effects to go away, but you will need to manually change your gamemode to survival. I didn't add much support for this, because I don't expect it will be used much. It's here if you want it, though.
To add this pack to your world, turn on all experimental toggles(I don't know which ones are necessary, so flip them all. You probably don't need Caves and Cliffs though.) You will also need to turn on Education Edition features. This changes nothing about the survival experience, it's only here for flying as a spectator.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.11
  • 1.17
  • 1.16
  • 1.14
  • 1.13
  • 1.12



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