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Dreameleton - The Skelly Spirit of Dream

Dreameleton - The Skelly Spirit of Dream
Addons for Minecraft PE
This addon adds a new mob to the game which can be used to obtain emeralds, arrows, EXP and enchanted bows. This has a skin of Dream(No need for an intro ?). Can be used for making tons of Farms like Emerald Farm, Bows nd arrows farm etc.  I make these types of addons frequently, if you want to suggest any more stuff by me, do let me know 

Watch this video to know more aout the addon (First video so pretty bad :( )

Overview :

They can spawn wearing Diamond, Iron, Gold and Chain armor [No more leather]. Be careful not to drop items in front of them a they'll instantly pick it up and then be a pain in the....
Spawns just like a pig in loads for there won't be any problem for survival starters in getting emeralds for trading.
I will try to post videos of farms with this, so be ready for some more awesome content.

Discord Server on its way but until then Lemme know in the comments about any bugs or futher addons

Follow the below instructions very carefully as Linkvertise is known for some great malware and stuff and therefore i don't want u guys to get lost or stuck in their stuff.

Installation :

  1. Click on the specified links according to your need.
  2. Click on Free Access with Ads
3. Click on Discover articles
4. Immediately click on the cross so that you don't waste much time
5. Press the Continue button
6. You should be automatically redirected to the mediafire page

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.11
  • 1.17



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