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Elingo's End Update Add-on

Elingo's End Update Add-on
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This addon turns the empty End dimension into a purple forest. This addon also adds a new ore to the End dimension called enderite, which can be used to craft armor and tools that are stronger and have more durability then netherite.

Let's begin, to get started you'll need at least a diamond pickaxe to mine the enderite ore. When mined the enderite ore will drop raw enderite, that has to be smelted to get one enderite ingot.

You can also find Diamond ore and Iron ore.

The End berry bushes spawn randomly around the place and can only be farmed using Enderite shears.


End Fruits can be found hanging from End Trees, here are the different stages.


Here are some of the structures I made for now:

End Well

End Ruin


End House


You can also get stripped end logs by right clicking the logs with any axes.


Crying End Tree


End Tear

can only be obtained by Crying end leaves

End Fruit Soup


Cracked End Bricks


Polished End Stone


Polished End Stone Slabs


Polished End Stone Stairs


Mossy End Bricks


Mossy End Brick Slab


Mossy End Brick Stairs


End Planks


End Wood Slabs


End Wood Stairs


End Door


End Trapdoor


You can also create farms and paths on the end grass block.


Enderite Shears


All new ores in this addon:

Enderite Ore

Darkium Ore

End Diamond Ore

End Iron Ore


Recipes for all the Tools, Armors and more


Enderite Sword


Enderite Pickaxe


Enderite Axe


Enderite Shovel


Enderite Hoe


Enderite Helmet


Enderite Chestplate


Enderite Leggings


Enderite Boots


Enderite Block


Enderite Nuggets


Enderite Ingot



Darkium Sword


Darkium Pickaxe


Darkium Axe


Darkium Shovel


Darkium Hoe


Darkium Helmet


Darkium Chestplate


Darkium Leggings


Darkium Boots


Here are some extra nice looking screenshots of the addon.




Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17.11
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.200



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