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BONY162 Furniture Addon v1

BONY162 Furniture Addon v1
Addons for Minecraft PE
This furniture addon adds 68 different types of working furniture that you can use to decorate your world, including chairs, couches, tv, lamps, stove, toaster and a lot more blocks.

Interact able Blocks:
-Blocks with inventory slots: clicking on any of these blocks will allow you to access there inventory.
1.Kitchen Cabinet             3.Trash cans
 - Chairs/Couch: You can click on any of the chairs or couches and you will be able to sit on them
- TV: You can interact with the TVs and change there channels, there are 6 different channels available 
- Toaster: You can interact with the toaster by holding a piece of bread in your hand, this will add toast to it, if you click on it again it will cook the toast.
- Plates: Small plates can be stacked by interacting with it using another plate, You can add a cooked chicken to the big plates, clicking on it again will eat the chicken.
-Lamps: Lamps can be turned on and off by clicking on them.
-Boom Box: Clicking on the boom box will start playing a song, to stop the music click on it again.
-For this addon you will need to install a behavior pack and a resource pack, make sure they are both installed or it will not function correctly.
-Make sure you turn on the experimental feature including, "Holiday creator features", "Additional Modding Capabilityies", and "Upcoming Creator Features"
-To obtain any of this furniture in survival you have to find a wandering trader, they will trade all the furniture between 1-5 emeralds
Using Commands:
-You can also obtain all the furniture using the this command "/function furniture" this will give you three chest with all the furniture inside them
-Bench                    -Plant 0                              -Tv 0
-Blender                  -Plant 1                              -Tv 1
-Boombox               -Plushie Bear                     -Tv 2
-Bottle                     -Plushie Panda                 -Xbox Series X
-Ceiling Fan            -Plushie Bunny                  
-Ceiling Lamp 0      -Plushie Cat                      -Tv Stand
-Ceiling Lamp 1      -Plushie Deer                    -Beach Chair 0
-Gaming Chair        -Plushie Dog                     -Beach Chair 1
-Chair 0                   -Plushie Elephant             -Diving Baord 0
-Chair 1                    -Plushie Fox                    -Small Table 0
-Clock 0                   -Plushie Mouse               -Chair 4
-Coffee Table            -Plushie Pig                    -Plate 0
-Couch 0                   -Plushie Raccoon          -Plate 1
-Couch 2                   -Plushie Squirrel             -Gaming Chair 0
-Dog House               -Shower 0                      -Picnic 0
-Gamer Desk             -Small Lamp 0               -Drawer 0
-Gamer Laptop          -Small Lamp 1             -Toaster 0
-Kitchen Cabinet 0     -Small Speaker 0          -Refrigerator 0
-Kitchen Chair 0        -Big Speaker                 -Tall Lamp 0
-Kitchen Counter 0    -Stool 0                       
-Sink 0                      -Stove 0                        
-Sink 1                       -Toilet 0                       
-Mailbox                   -Towel Rack                   
-Pc 0                         -Trash Bin                    
-Picnic Basket           -Trashcan 0 
NEW Blocks Added:
-Small Lamp 2                       -Stop sign       -Books
 -Traffic Cones 1,2,3              -Shelf
-Books: Interacting with a book with another book will allow you stack them up to 5 books high

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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