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Curious Finds New Version 2.9.0

Curious Finds New Version 2.9.0
Addons for Minecraft PE
This addon introduces you to the world a small change in the form of new items, namely "Finds"
 By killing different mobs, you will knock out different items that you can sell or buy other items that you like. Walking around the world you will meet different merchants to whom you can just sell your finds or buy interesting finds.

 There are merchants to whom you can rent or buy various finds.

 1.Library (Fox)

 A fox is a librarian who will gladly buy books or autobiographies from you.
 PS: You won't kill the fox, will you? He's such a cutie.

 2.Board of lost and found (Lesovik

 This is the nickname given to this person ?!
 Help him by handing over curious finds. By helping him you help nature, this man is trying to make our square world cleaner.
 PS: During a conversation with him, you learned that "if you kill certain monsters, curious finds will fall out, this is a drowned man ... And then you forgot."

 3.Trader (Hunsha)

 : this cute girl, a merchant, will offer you her goods, you go crazy, you just can't resist and have nothing to buy.
 Hunsha is not friends with Lesovik, because he considers him an eccentric, because the whole square world cannot be made cleaner, right ?.
 Having bought balls with mud from Hongshi, you can turn them into mud bricks, and from them make yourself a bib.

 PS: Do you believe in friendship between Lesovik and Khunshi, right?


 : just a duck, a useless but cute creature.
 PS: Don't kill him, please
: angler or fisherman, fishing and selling to fisherman you get local currency MCoin.
-Fisherman: Walking along the beach you will find me !.
-Someone: Hi, I'm Croupier, buy paintings from me and sell toys.
-Fisherman: No, I'm sorry, but I'm not as fussy as you!
PS: Do not buy his paintings from the Croupier!
6.Jeweler (Evelir)
:jeweler or Evelir,сall it what you want, but I am more like Evelier, walking around the world you will find me, you can sell all the crystals you find to me.
-Evelier: Uhhhh, how I want this red crystal, woohhhhhhhhh how bright, it will definitely be mine.
-Someone: Do you think you can find a person who will bring you these stones?
-Evelir: I will find and you go and look for your souls.
PS:and do not think to find a soul for this... Although okay do what you want.
By killing ducks you punish your karma.
find all sorts of goodies and sell them to me.
8.Mysterious trade
I ... mysterious?, yes ... I think so
9.Frogs :toads are cute useless animals
10.Star trade
:as the forester said [-He came from distant space or the galaxy, be shielded half of his stay, I began to notice that the stars are moving rapidly].
PS:Be careful with him.
this is a temporary texture of the stars.
PS:chance you will find them 0.01%.
12.Grandma: it's grandma. buying food from her you lose your stomach


Addon installation

Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)
  • 1.17



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