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Vanilla Style Ale

Vanilla Style Ale
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Made by Schpeckwanz. This addon allows the player to create a vanilla friendly drink. It is very simple and honestly just adds a potion with the nausea effect. Great for roleplaying maybe you want to create a tavern or a pub in your map.

You will now be able to brew up some delicious ale using the brewing stand and a single ingredient. Once you've got your awkward potions ready all you'll need to do is add a single piece of wheat to start the brewing process. This will output up to three bottles of ale with a 3:00 lasting effect of nausea. Now if you would like an even longer lasting effect you can improve the mix with a single redstone dust which will increase the duration to 8:00.


It will install a .mcaddon file which is very easy to use. If you are on a desktop you will have to find the destination of the file and simply double right click it. I believe it should just execute automatically on mobile.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17 (beta)



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