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Vanilla Instruments Addon | Add Vanilla Themed Instruments!

Vanilla Instruments Addon | Add Vanilla Themed Instruments!
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Vanilla Instruments is a unique addon that adds 16 playable instrument items, 3 music items, and 1 musical crafting block to your survival or creative Minecraft worlds! Get a group of people together and play real songs!


Instruments are played by using the item, and notes change by looking up and down. Does this sound confusing? Well I added some extra items to help make this easier!

Music tools

The first tool, the Scale Guide, tells you right above your hotbar what note you currently have selected.
Here is how it works:
The second tool, the Note Guide, shows you where you should aim to select a note.
Here is how it works:
The final tool, the Instrument Tuner, changes the pitch of your instruments to one of 2 octaves.
Here is how it works:


There are 16 different musical instruments. Each one plays a sound that corresponds to a note block sound type.
-Oak Guitar -Birch Banjo -Dark Oak Bass -Spruce Harp -Deepslate Bass Drum -Stone Snare Drum -Gold Hi-Hat -Prismarine Cowbell
-Copper Chimes -Clay Vibraphone -Iron Glockenspiel -Bone Xylophone -Blackstone Piano -Purpur Stylophone -Acacia Didgeridoo -Jungle Flute
Here are all of the textures and sounds:


To craft the instruments and tools, you will need to first craft the Music Table.
Here is how you make it:
The rest of the recipes are viewable in game in that crafting table, but here is a video of them all anyway:


When a player first joins the world, they either have to use the tuner item once or an op must type "/function music_reset" before the instruments will work
All of the items are in the creative menu under the construction tab (they didn't fit in the others), besides the Music Table as you can't put blocks into the creative menu
Enable the experimental features in your world to make sure it works!

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.11



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