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The Great Martian War Addon BETA

The Great Martian War Addon BETA
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The Great Martian War Addon is the addon based on the Alternate WW1 by History series, The Great Martian War  War of the Worlds Adaptation.


These machines were dangerous so be careful
Martian Spider:
Small Killing machines that are fastest and deadlier. (Bigger version are also deadlier due to health and damage.
Martian Scouter:
These scouter are small the stallk around finding players to kill
Martian Flyer:
These things fly fast and shoot arrows to its targets 
Martian Kraken:
These big underwater machines float and attack victims( dont spawn naturally on ocean due to BETA Development.
Matian Heron:
These bigger tripods walk around attacking victims by shooting arrows.


Soldiers are protectors of you and the villagers, They can be craftable and you have the advantage.
  1. Soldier (normal)
  2. General
  3. Slayer (melee attack)
  4. Masked


They were currently 2 vehicles
  1. Battle Tanks
 2. Biplane


they are many blocks on this addon. To get them.  /give @a cc:

Weapons and Armor.

They are many few weapons, armor, and items on this addon. 


How to download this addon
  1. download both resource pack and behaviour pack
  2. Apply them on resource tab in world settings.
  3. Turn on Experimental Settings
  4. Enjoy?

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.11



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