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Toys In Minecraft

Toys In Minecraft
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Have you ever wonder to bring various toys in minecraft? And play together with your friends? If yes, let me introduce you this addon. This addon have 12 fun toys to collect in your world and make your world more fun!

Okay, lets start from the toy. Recipe and how to obtain will be described in the bottom.
  • Toy Rifle
All the toy gun are single shoot and you can pick up back your bullet again just like arrow, but make sure you dont aim high, so your toy bullet(dart) is safe and this is a toy, you can kill or get killed with this.
Yellow Gun (AR) 
First Person 
Have 12 bullet/magazine 
Third Person 
Orange Gun (Ar tactical) 
Same like Yellow gun, have 12 bullet/magazine 
First person 
Blue White Gun 
The animation is not 100% complete and perfect, because im so lazy to animate. Have 12 bullet/magazine 
First Person 
This gun have 2 bullet and have diferent reload recipe than the other gun 
First Person 
How to reload? 
If your gun are empty, you will get toy magazine empty(not for shotgun) 
And your weapon will be like this. 
Same like original
Every gun have a same reload recipe execpt for shotgun, just pick all your 12dart(bullet), then craft like this 
Then put your empty toy gun like this 
For shotgun 
You can also separate the bullet(dart) 
Remember, you can pick your bullet back whennever you hit some entity 
  • Dummy Toy
This dummy have 100 health, and can be pushed, it only can be pushed using piston, you can improve your critcal hit in combat using this. You can get your dummy back after killing it.
  • LightSaber
Hold to activate, if you want to turn it off ,just craft it in your hand 
  • Fidget spinner
I know im not the first one who making this, but this fidget spinner is made and animated by me. 
  • Fidget button
Simple toys, but you can challenge your friends with this, who have the most click in a minute. The scoreboard will be reset to 0 when you destroy this toy. 
  • Figure
This figure can be used as lamp, just press it. 
  • Toy Vest and Toy Mask
Gives you protection when use, you can also get village hero effect when equip the toy mask 
  • Mystery Box
What inside it?? Buy and unbox it if you want to know, oh and if you're lucky, you can get a bucket of axolotl in this box. 
  • City Car
 It have 2 seats and 50 health 
I dont know why i make a car for this addon but it sounds good. 
  • Decoration
Simple, you can save your money/emerald with this.
How to obtain?? 
You can obtain all of that toys by buying toy box from seller It cost among 9-20 emerald /item 
You can find him on overworld, plain, or village. He is very friendly and never attack someone. Have 20 health. 
Find your favourite toys:) 
How i make these gun codes 
Its so simple because i sometimes using addon maker from playstore then edited it:) 
Make sure to enable all experimental gameplay to avoid texture block bug 
This addon may not compatible with other addon!


Tap free with ads then wait for 8-5sec, dont press anything! Just close it then download.. enjoy!

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17 (beta)
  • 1.17.11
  • (beta)
  • 1.17



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