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PokeReborn Gen 2 (Addon 2) (Update 3) Rideable's

PokeReborn Gen 2 (Addon 2) (Update 3) Rideable's
Addons for Minecraft PE
Your journey into the Pokémon and Minecraft world continues with the extention of PokeReborn gen 1  IntroducingPokeReborn Generation 2JohtoAs before you can play with friends (or by yourself) and take an adventure through a new Pokémon world catching an collection all your favorite generation 2 Pokémon.

Generation Two
Take an epic journey through your Minecraft world, crafting Pokéballs and other items while you search for your favorite Johto Pokémon
Most of the Pokémon from generation two have already been addon to this generation but there is still loads more to come, all the mechanics have been updated in your latest download so you can enjoy a smoother play
Pokémon evolve the same way as in PokéReborn generation 1, you will need to give them the candy of the same type to evolve your Pokémon
As before use your Pokéballs to keep your Pokémon safe by your side until you need them again.
Lets take a look at the Pokémon in this generation so far:
Friendship berries will still be required to tame your Pokémon once you bring them back out of thier Pokéballs

Just like in the fantastic Generation one addon, you will need to kill wild Pokémon to get the candy of thier type, you need to craft that small candy in candy and candy XL to evolve your Pokémon fully
Pokéstops work the sameway as they do in Generation one, tap them with your trainer card to see what they give you
Pokéballs, Potions, Super Potions, Hyper Potions, Max Potions, Incense, Lure Modules and Pokécoins (More will be added as the addon moves forward),
You can get Pokécoins by crafting or earning from boss drops to buy things from the sales assistant.
The Roaming Sales Assistant will spawn anywhere 
You can heal you Pokémon with Potions
Potions give 20HP
Super Potions give 200HP
Hyper Potions give 500HP
Max Potions will heal your Pokémon completey
Take a look below to get all the information you need to craft your items
Take an epic adventure through all the Biomes looking for the next Gym Leader, start by getting a badge case from the sales assistant, you will need to travel to every biome in minecraft to complete your Pokémon journey and reach the E4 and become champion of the johto region.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17
  • 1.16.221



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