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Melon Golem's Replica [Beta only]

Melon Golem's Replica [Beta only]
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The Melon Golem's Replica add-on adds one of the most uncommon mobs from Minecraft earth, the melon golem.This mob has been adapted from works in your bedrock edition worlds     
This addon adds the next features:
Melon blocks
  • The carved melon it's an important block in this add-on, whit this block you can create melon golems
  • Recipe:
  • The lit melon it's a decorative block that has been added to make a parity with the pumpkin blocks
  • Recipe:
Before pass with the mob, we need another block more
Special snow:
This snow it's important to make the melon golem, you need to put a snow block in the crafting inventory to obtain this block (also, you can put the special snow to obtain the normal snow again)
Now that we have the blocks from the add-on, we can pass with the mob
Melon Golem features:
  • Has 10 hp (dame life than the snow golems)
  • It shoots melon seeds, this seeds makes 1gp from the mobs
  • When you use a shears with the melon golem, it will drop his melon and his face will obtain a red hue
How to create a melon golem?
from create the melon golem, you need to put the special snow and the carved melon in the next shape
Also, you can put the same structure in different ways, we can see this in the next image
Future changes:
  • Make that the carved melon can be placed in the head
  • Add another mobs from Minecraft earth


This add-on it's possible thanks to IhateTheGravel that has discovered the code from the addon
Remember activate the experimental Gameplays to make the add-on works

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17 (beta)



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