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Amber Tools

Amber Tools
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Have you ever felt like the gap between iron and diamond is too big? Have you ever wanted a new armor set? Have you ever wanted a new ore to mine? Have you ever wanted amber in Minecraft? If you have ever wanted any of these things then this add-on is perfect for you.

Amber Tools
Amber Axe
Mine Speed : 7
Attack Damage : 4
Durability : 250
Needs 2 sticks and 4 amber ingots to craft
Amber Pickaxe
Mine Speed : 6
Attack Damage : 3
Durability : 150
Needs 2 sticks and 3 amber ingots to craft
Amber Sword
Attack Damage : 7
Mine Speed :  12 for cobwebs,  8 for bamboo
Durability : 150
Amber Nuggets
you can craft amber nuggets by putting 1 amber ingot into a crafting table
you can craft amber ingots by putting 9 amber nuggets into a crafting table
Amber boots
Protection : 2
Durability : 195
Recipe : Shapeless
Amber Leggings
Protection : 6
Durability :125
Recipe : Shapeless
Amber Helmet
Protection : 2
Durability : 170
Recipe : Shapeless
Amber Chestplate
Protection : 7
Durability : 240
Recipe : Shapeless
Amber Ore & Amber Deepslate ore are displayed in this image
Amber Ore
Break Speed : 1
Drops :  Raw Amber (when smelted turns into an amber ingot)
Deepslate Amber Ore
Break Speed : 1
Drops : Raw Amber (when smelted turns into an amber ingot)
Amber Block  (sorry no image)
Break Speed : 0.8
Drops : Amber Block
A Shiny Amber Block Perfect For Builds
Raw Amber 
Stack Size : 64
Smelts into amber ingots
This add-on is exclusive to  do not upload anywhere else
Add-on Showcase  (i recommend you watch this video if you have any questions unanswered)
Any support on my videos goes a long way and helps fund me making more add-ons in the future

Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)
  • 1.16.230 (beta)
  • 1.16.221



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