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Souls Addon (Mob Abilities/Effects)

Souls Addon (Mob Abilities/Effects)
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Have you ever wanted to have abilities in Minecraft? like summoning iron golems with an item and giving yourself abilities with other items? then this addon is for you my friend 

So lemme make this quick before your brain shuts down, someone in discord wanted souls or like magic and stuff, so I begin to work on it and I gave up then I tried again with a different twist, and that twist is this whole addon, this addon includes 20+ souls and a crafting table for them 
Here are a few souls and gifs to show what they do 
But you cant for that all of these are craftable and that you need a crafting table and the core ingredients 
the table and it's recipe (blockbench was buggy so the sides look bad)
and here are the core ingredients
the soul which is basic and crafts basic souls that do basic things 
The valuable soul which does cool things and crafts cool things ? 
that's all for now and I don't want to spoil the rest but here are a few gifs of some action along with some random pictures and random recipes

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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