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Lights Craft (New Lamps and Fault Correction)

Lights Craft (New Lamps and Fault Correction)
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Get ready for a breakthrough in Minecraft bedrock decorating! I have created a plugin that turns on new modern lights to decorate your buildings and make them more beautiful and extravagant with 3 lamp! 

new ores can be found between layer 10 to 59, steel and fluorine are quite necessary for crafting objects 


Lights table:
on the table, all the light recipes will be made, that's why it is something of the most fundamental in this mod 

Fluor and Steel ingot:
These are one of the most important materials because most crafting is based on these materials 
Fluor dust:
Steel ingot:

The lights are very bright and not very cluttering in the space, which is why they are so great 

All crafting are on the add-on table 

Ground light 01 

Ground light 02 

Wall light 01 

Wall light 02 

Ceiling light 

Ceiling neon light 

Wall neon 

Steel block 

Iluminant slab 

Iluminant block 

Iluminant panel 

Floor lamp 

Rod lamp
Pedant lamp 01
Pedant lamp 02
Wallround lamp
Floor tube light
Desk lamp 01


With this function you can get all the lamps without crafting them 
They are quite beautiful lamps to decorate so take advantage of them 

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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