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GoldenHelmet's Vanilla Bug Patches

GoldenHelmet's Vanilla Bug Patches
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This .mcaddon patches over 50 vanilla bugs, including entity behaviors, spawning/despawning, sound properties, and rendering offsets. It should be compatible with most texture packs because it does not replace any textures (except red stained glass). All of the patches are listed below with Mojang bug tracker references. Note that since the pack includes behavior changes it is not compatible with earning achievements.

Vanilla bugs patched by this add-on

"MCPE-XXXXXX" below are keys to bug reports on Mojang's public bug tracker. You can read more about each bug on the associated report.


Command related

MCPE-50328 Zombies spawned by /summon with events now have correct speed
MCPE-76643 Rabbits spawned by /summon with events now have correct size
MCPE-116971 Vindicator captains spawned by /summon are now hostile
MCPE-130835 XP orbs can be summoned once again


MCPE-34746 Evokers summon vexes more quickly (matches Java)
MCPE-42373 Vindicators and Evokers no longer retaliate when shot by Pillagers
MCPE-44606 Ravager now hostile toward wandering traders
MCPE-45531 Ravager collision box increased (matches Java)
MCPE-48145 Ravager movement speed increased (matches Java)
MCPE-45820 Vindicator and pillager wandering speed decreased
MCPE-50207 Ravager targeting range increased (matches Java)
MCPE-51329 Ravager now breaks wither roses
MCPE-60680 Ravager attack reach increased (fixed by collision fix above)
MCPE-84371 Pillagers and Ravagers now hostile toward snow golems
MCPE-91598 Patrols now swarm/attack as a group (this existed in 1.14 but was removed in 1.16)
MCPE-115094 Vexes no longer retaliate against evokers


MCPE-35202 Ghast fireball now comes from its mouth instead of the top of its head
MCPE-45311 Ghast no longer holds charge when player leaves its targeting range
MCPE-50207 Ghast targeting range increased horizontally and decreased vertically (matches Java)


MCPE-44312 / MCPE-102302 Trader llamas can now despawn if unleashed
MCPE-75470 Patrol vindicators can now despawn
MCPE-87453 Patrols now spawn more reliably around villages, especially on Sim4
MCPE-106557 Phantoms no longer overspawn on Sim6+

Villagers and Zombie Villagers

MCPE-23835 Villagers no longer path through fire to reach their workstations
MCPE-57524 Clerics now sell glowstone instead of glowstone dust
MCPE-80924 Zombie villagers with custom textures no longer all look like farmers
MCPE-89210 Cured nitwit zombie villagers remain nitwits and cured nitwits and unemployed now sleep at night

Other Mob Behaviors

MCPE-35306 Enderman follow range increased (matches Java)
MCPE-35647 Blaze ranged attack range increased (matches Java)
MCPE-45756 Trader llamas push the wandering trader around less frequently
MCPE-48233 Fox health decreased (matches Java)
MCPE-51161 Zombified piglins anger broadcast range increased and zombified piglins that spawn near angry zombified piglins now become angry
MCPE-51162 Magma cubes now target iron golems
MCPE-68327 Zombified piglins no longer call other zombified piglins when killed in one hit
MCPE-74081 Iron golems can now be repaired with iron ingots
MCPE-105369 Husk height decreased (matches zombies and other humanoids)
MCPE-138191 Blazes no longer avoid fire, magma, and campfires


MCPE-24341 Armor stands no longer take damage from splash potions
MCPE-60895 Removed mob collision for lodged tridents (note: does not affect hitbox or functionality of trident killers)
MCPE-67890 Campfires now stack
MCPE-87711 Removed mob collision for XP orbs
MCPE-106439 XP now rises as fast as items and mobs in soul sand bubble columns
MCPE-109330 XP now sinks as fast as items and mobs in falling water
MCPE-127736 Lily pads are now fishing junk instead of fishing treasure
MCPE-134649 Item alignment with anvils in water streams now works in all directions



MCPE-14420 / MCPE-48919 Click sound volume now lowers with distance
MCPE-35222 Ghast sound volume lowers more noticeably with distance (now starts to attenuate at 24 blocks, used to be 100)
MCPE-43831 Trident loyalty return sound is more audible
MCPE-90160 Minecart sounds now stop at 16 blocks
MCPE-117964 Eggs now make a breaking sound when destroyed by a ravager


MCPE-42348 Zombie villagers now show profession clothing
MCPE-45311 Ghast returns its face to normal when it does not have a target
MCPE-74081 Iron golems now show cracks when damaged
MCPE-91361 Red glass breaking particles now match other glasses
MCPE-114253 Squid/glow squid texture now aligned with its collision box
MCPE-110282 XP orb texture now aligned with its collision box (note: this does not fix desyncing)


Import the .mcaddon file, then enable the behavior pack on your world. It should add the resource pack automatically.
You can enable just the resource pack if you wish. Doing so will allow ghasts to hold their charges when out of shooting range without appearing to be charged and without making a warning sound when they re-target you. It will also make all zombie villagers look like farmers.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17.11
  • 1.17



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