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MetalChest Add-on

MetalChest Add-on
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Minecraft worlds are limitless and limitless is the amount of blocks and items we need to store. But chests can contain only 27 stacks of item so our houses became full of chests. To solve this issue on Java Edition exists a mod which adds different sized chests and now it's arrived also on Bedrock platform!

This addon introduces new variants of chest: iron, gold and diamond. Each is the upgrade of the previous and can contain more items

Iron Chest

  • Crafted with a normal Chest and 8x Iron Ingot
  • 54 slots

Golden Chest

  • Crafted with an Iron Chest and 8x Golden Ingot
  • 81 slots

Diamond Chest

  • Crafted with an Golden Chest and 8x Diamond Ingot
  • 108 slots

Known issues:

  • All of these chests are breakable with only one click
  • These are not compatible with comparators


  • Download files from the above link and install it on Minecraft
  • Enable Holiday Creator Feature on your world
  • Install the addon on the world and play!

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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