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Cursed Crying Emoji Addon

Cursed Crying Emoji Addon
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You have beaten every vanilla minecraft boss once, right? You think they are easy to beat? I can't solve that problem, but i can help you make your minecraft experience weirder than ever!

Make sure to have Experimental gameplay on!
This addon adds one weird but tough boss, the cursed crying emoji (with hands and its floating) 
Beating this thing will reward you with alot XP, Totems of undying, Netherite blocks, Diamond blocks, and Nether stars.
Cursed Crying Emoji
5000 Health || 100 Damage
This entity will expand its hand to slap you real hard, it can easily destroy your shield and breaks your armor to pieces in seconds. Its speed is decently fast, but it can only detect your presence if you are close enough, make sure you prepare alot arrow for this thing!
It can randomly spawn in your world, but their spawn chance is low, so don't worry about exploring.
Recommended tools:
Enchanted Netherite Gear, Enchanted bow, 5 Stacks of arrows, Alot golden apples, Alot totems of undying.

Try reloading the addon if the addon doesnt works! 

Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.17



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