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Explosive Villager Addon

Explosive Villager Addon
Addons for Minecraft PE
This addon is for old versions of Minecraft(who wants to be nostalgic?) adds a new villager to the game. But do not think that you can trade with it, it is dangerous! As soon as he notices you, he will come up and explode! An EMERALD CHICKEN will also come to your world! She carries emeralds that will help you to give birth to this villager.

It's very simple. You can find this villager at night, since he replaces the creeper. His distinctive feature is red eyes, a turquoise shirt and brown pants. When he sees you, he will start walking towards you and then explode. But I did not replace the explosion, so it is the same as that of the creeper.
If you kill him, he will leave behind rubies (replaces gunpowder) from which you can make an exploding emerald block.
The Emerald Chicken (replaces the chicken) is a friendly mob that can be found on the spawn sites of an ordinary chicken. After killing her, she leaves chicken meat and feathers(as if there is no simple chicken lol))) After a while, she will lay an emerald (replaces the egg) that can be thrown and get an Exploding Villager.
The ancient golem (replaces the iron golem) is just a texture replacement and does not add anything new.
Totem King (replaces evoker) also just a replacement, but there are also new sounds(the call of the fangs)
Exploding Emerald Block (replaces TNT) this is a block with a golden top and emerald sides. The explosion remains the same, but there is a new ignition sound! HMMMMMMMM!
All diamond tools and armor were replaced with emerald (the pants will not be displayed on the player's model because I did not find the texture of the pants))))
And finally, here is an image of an EXPLODING VILLAGER! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


1. Unpack the archive
2. Move the "ExplVill R" folder to the "resourse_pack" folder, and the "ExplVill B" folder to "behavior_pack"
3. Open Minecraft
4. Create a world and include the addon in the Resource Pack and Behavior Pack
5. Play!

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.8
  • 1.7
  • 1.6



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