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WorldExpansion [1.17]

WorldExpansion [1.17]
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WorldExpansion is a Minecraft Bedrock World Generation Addon that introduce new biomes and improving the old one without adding any blocks or items!With plenty of features, World Expansion target is to become one of the best World Generation for Minecraft Bedrock! 

Currently there are 10 new biomes added!

Cold-temperate biome, lightly forested with oak, spruce, and birch trees, alongside patches of coarse dirt, usually generates near taiga and forest biomes.
Also have their hills variant.

Tall Oak Forest
Lush biome with oddly tall oak trees and dark oak trees, with patches of coarse dirt. Also have their hills variant.

Dried Plains
Dry biome with coarse dirts and stone, with grass become the only vegetation exist here

-Terracotta Mountains
Extreme terrain with lots of terracotta. Be careful or you'll slip to your death!
Lush Desert
Desert with lots of grass, and weird shaped acacia trees. Also have their hills variant

Jungle Mountains
Extremely rare biome, generates only at jungle biomes with lots of stone, cobblestone, and mossy cobblestone. Their peak variants stretch to y level of 128.


You don't need any resource packs! Also, enable experimental gameplay.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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