Arid V1.1

Arid V1.1
Addons for Minecraft PE
Arid is a biome overhaul addon that adds tons of new content into Desert biomes. You should hopefully find deserts more enjoyable and rewarding to explore. In Arid you will find new ores, dungeons, mobs, bosses, cool weapons, and lots of other content.

This is a quick trailer I made showing off all brand new content added into Arid V1.1

New Blocks

There are many new natural blocks that will spawn in desert caves. You can even get a new ore.
Some blocks spawn in different Y levels but know that the ore, known as Desert Crystal will always spawn at Y 65 or lower!
The blocks are purely for decoration, except for the ore. The ore can be used to craft new gear.
The New Blocks That Can Generate:
  • Mica
  • Sandy Gneiss
  • Quartz Gneiss
  • Schist
  • Desert Crystal Ore
Keep in mind that if you have the new Caves and Cliffs experimental option enabled, the blocks WILL still generate, just not below 0.

Desert Crystal Gear

All Desert Crystal tools and armor have a durability of 325.
Sword: 6.5 Attack
Axe: 5.5 Attack
Pickaxe: 4.5 Attack, can break whatever an Iron Pickaxe can
Hoe: 4.5 Attack
Shovel: 3.5 Attack
Armor provides 9.5/10 bars. Thats 0.5 less then Diamond/Netherite.
All gear can be enchanted.

New Foods

This food is Meifrisa. It is quite easy to obtain and is a very useful food. When eaten, Meifrisa will restore 6 hunger bars and give Saturation for 15 seconds.


Sand Dunes just add to the environment to make it look nicer. There are 3 variants of it, tiny, medium and large. 
This is a Dead Tree, this is a good early wood source. There are 3 variants, small, medium, and large.
This is the Oasis, this is a good source of coconuts, water, and wood. 
The Palm Logs can be turned into planks.
The Planks can be used for slabs/stairs too.
You can also make wooden tools, sticks, and a crafting table.
The coconuts can be used for a new potion. That provides useful effects.
To craft this potion you will need coconuts and Desert Crawler Eyes. Desert Crawler Eyes drop off of Desert Crawlers, more information on them below.
The coconuts must be split before used. To do this craft the splitter.
The Splitters' current use is for splitting coconuts into halves. In the future though there will be many more uses for it.
Anyways, once you have the coconut half you can craft the potion.
The effects received from drinking this is regeneration, resistance, and speed all amplifiers of 2 and last for 30 seconds.
Next structure is the biggest and most exciting one!
The Pyramid Dungeon!
This is a huge dungeon full of many surprises, mobs, treasures, and lots of fun!
There is also a boss battle at the end!
I will not spoil the inside, so have fun exploring :)
Ruined Tower
This is a small little tower that will generate very rarely throughout the deserts. In these towers, you will find some mobs and a special new sword called the Dark Blade
Dark Blade Stats:
  • 10 Damage
  • 100 Durability
Watcher's Tower
A brand new challenging dungeon! This tower will generate rarely throughout deserts. Inside you will find many floors full of hostile mobs. The higher you go, the more stronger mobs will get. You will even find a brand new mob and boss in it (more info on them in Mobs section)
As a bonus, you will find a new Tier 2 loot crate called the Fleshy Loot Crate. This loot crate will have mid tier loot inside.
Cactus W/ Flower
A new cactus variant that spawns quite uncommonly throughout the deserts. On top of them, you will find a cactus flower.
You can either use the flower as decoration or turn it into pink dye!
Scathing Sand Clumps
These are new sand blocks that will generate throughout your deserts. The sand is a duller color than normal sand. The special feature about this sand, is that it will hurt any entity that steps on it. So, you can use these as traps!


  • 30 Health
  • 6 Attack
  • Sometimes spawns with gear
  • Spawns ONLY in Pyramid Dungeons
  • Drops 0-2 Mummy Cloth
Mummy Cloth can be used to craft paper or to be used as a fuel source in furnaces/variants.
Desert Crawler:
  • 20 Health
  • 3 Attack
  • Spawns at night in deserts and can spawn in Pyramid Dungeons
  • Drops 0-2 String, or 0-2 Desert Crawler Eyes
  • 1 Health
  • Passive
  • Spawns commonly in deserts
  • Drops 0-2 sticks, 0-2 deadbush
Anubis (Boss):
  • 350 Health
  • Shoots Poison traps at you, stepping on them will poison you or other mobs.
  • Can summon 2 mummies periodically
  • Drops a lot of goodies, has a 20%  chance to drop the Anubis Staff.
This is the Anubis Staff. (It is not a 3d model because I didn't want this addon to use player.json). 
The Anubis Staff has 2 attacks...
The first attack is the default when you hit a mob normally, it will deal 5 damage and poison/slow that enemy for 2 seconds.
The 2nd attack is activated when you long press, right click, or left trigger. 
You will give Wither 5 to every nearby hostile mob for 3 seconds.
Watcher (Boss):
  • 750 Health
  • 13 Attack Damage
  • Can summon a variety of new mobs
  • Has 2 different abilities
Lets show off his minions first.
This is the Tower Servant, the Watcher will summon these guys in quite commonly (5-20 seconds), but they are easy to kill.
Tower Servant:
  • 20 Health
  • 5 Damage
Tower Servants may also rarely drop pieces of their armor. The armor is fairly mid tier but may be useful. Each piece has 200 durability, and is enchantable.
Protection Values:
  • Chestplate: 2.5 Bars
  • Leggings: 2 Bars
  • Boots: 1 Bar
There is no helmet as the servants do not wear helmets...
Tower Servants will also spawn in higher levels of the Watcher's Tower structure.
This is the Witness. The Watcher will summon 3 of these guys around every 20-40 seconds. They are extremely easy to kill but can be quite annoying if you let them hit you.
  • 10 Health
  • 3 Damage
Watcher Abilities:
  • Ability 1, he will cause you to levitate for 3 seconds if he melees you.
  • Ability 2, this is a passive ability for the Watcher, but if he reaches 2 or more summons, he will gain a significant speed boost for 20 seconds.
The watcher may be a hard boss, so if you die and he despawns, no worries because you can craft his spawnblock. The item in the middle is called Enchanted Eye. You will see where that is obtained shortly. The normal eyes around the enchanted eye have a chance from dropping from Witness, Tower Servants, and Watcher.
When the Watcher dies, he will drop a good amount of goodies including a new trophy, diamonds/other minerals, and of course the 2 items above rarely.
Let me explain the 2 items above in detail.
Sword of The Lost:
  • 8 Damage
  • 1000 Durability
  • Special Ability: Long tap, or right click to summon a Cleansed Witness to fight by your side for 60 seconds. You can only have 1 active at a time. The Cleansed Witness is immortal and deals 10 damage to mobs. This will cost 25 durability every time it is activated.
Medallion of The Lost: 
  • Provides 3 armor bars if worn
  • 500 Durability
  • Special Ability: If this is in your hand, long tap or right click to give yourself Night Vision and Regeneration 1 for 60 seconds each.  This has an 80 second cooldown, but does not consume durability upon activating.
Enchanted Eye (Miniboss): 
  • 80 Health
  • 8 Damage
  • Spawns rarely at night in Deserts.
This is an early game boss that should provide a nice amount of gear (if your lucky) for mid-early late game.
The 3 items above are all drops from the Enchanted Eye.
The 1st item is the Enchanted Eye, it can be used to craft the Watcher Spawnblock or can be eaten to give the player Night Vision and Regeneration 2 for 2 minutes.
Next up, the Enchanted Bow.
  • 5-6 Damage
  • 425 Durability
  • Faster fire rate then default bow
Considering Minecraft doesn't fully support bows yet, you cannot enchant it, nor use arrows...
3rd and final drop is the Enchanted Sword.
  • 6 Damage
  • 400 Durability
  • Special Ability: Inflicts weakness 2 for 5 seconds on your target. VERY useful against the Watcher if you invest some xp levels.
Nomad Group:
  • Spawns rarely throughout the day.
The villager in the White can be traded with, while the guys with the Khopesh (new weapon) are his guards.
The guards are neutral and will attack you if you attack them, they will also attack any nearby undead mobs.
The guards have 8 attack and 30 health, while the trader has 20 health and does not attack.
The trader has 5 total tiers, you can find some very useful items on him.
Also, here is the Khopesh.
  • 7 Damage
  • 220 Durability
  • Sometimes dropped off of Nomad Guards.




  • Bamr131 for making a palm, schist, and gneiss textures and for building dead trees/oasis.
  • TheUltimateMage: Created the Discord event winning "Dark Blade" sword!

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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