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Originally I was going to make a full on Alien addon which ended up failing, I later thought about how my Prometheus models were still all intact and works well

This addon let's your use creatures from the first prequel movie in the Alien franchise, Prometheus. Within this addon there are currently 3 creatures. These 3 are the Deacon, the Trilobite, and the Hammerpede.
The Deacon
The Deacon is one of Prometheus' most iconic creatures even though it only showed up briefly at the end. The Deacon was made after the creature called the Trilobite impregnated an Engineers. This resulted in the Deacon busting out of its body and the movie ending.
The Trilobite
The Trilobite is much like the iconic alien known as the Facehugger and was another well known alien like the deacon, although not as well known.
The Hammerpede 
The Hammerpede was the first alien we saw in Prometheus, the Hammerpede came to be because of the substance created by the Engineers called the black goo, the black goo horribly mutated small worms that lived on the planet turning them into the Hammerpede

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16.221



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