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Upper Mobs

Upper Mobs
Addons for Minecraft PE
Now, we've produced the first Add-on. I'll briefly introduce it now. First, it's Upper Weather Skeleton.His physical strength is 400, the attack Witherskelton is the same.It's an experiment subject that's been tested.

This guy makes a furious corruption attack and overcomes the player with speed.
So next, this guy is a creeperime. He blocks long-range attacks with explosions and explodes himself when he feels threatened.
His physical strength is 200. Attack power is not separated from normal slime, but special attack is self-destruction, throwing Tienti.
Now, you know who Neder's boss is, right? It's Wither, and now it's Wither Helicobacter.
A little bigger than a normal Weather
A little bigger than a normal Weather. His stamina is 999999, and his attack power is 100.
Now, do you know who the boss is at the Minecraft dungeon and the underwater temple? It's an ancient Guardian, and I just built it with the heart of the Guardian. This is 2.5 times the strength of the Ende Guardian: 3000 attack power 25. (That's enough explanation)
Next up is the charged excuse. This guy paralyzes the player with a lightning ax and then kills the player. His blood is 1000 attack power 300. Much stronger than Warden at 1.17.
Now just explain the weapon. It's a shield the day after tomorrow. It's just a design and durability. These are all fake.
마지막 몹입니다. 이 녀석은 사람을 죽일 수 없고, 명계에서 최고입니다. 체력: +9999999 공격력 ???

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