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Obsidian Pack

Obsidian Pack
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Obsidian.  Many people strive to get this block, and while it does offer many rewards, some can find it very lackluster.  So, why don't we make more uses for it? The Obsidian Pack brings new items, blocks, weapons, mobs, and more to Minecraft.  Why don't we get started...

The first item on the list is Compact Obsidian, which is the basis for most of the new items. You can obtain it by putting obsidian in a furnace/blast furnace:
Now with this new substance, we can make all the new items and tools, so let's take a look at the second thing on our list...
Crystallized Obsidian Ore:
This is a new ore. When obsidian and gases combine, you get Crystallized Obsidian! This ore (which is anywhere under y=30) drops Crystallized Obsidian:
Crystallized Obsidian:
Crystallized Obsidian Ore drops this little gem, use it to craft new items and blocks!
Crystallized Obsidian Glass:
This new block is like glass, but it's made from 9 crystallized obsidian.
Molten Obsidian:
This new block is obtained by putting crying obsidian into a furnace/blast furnace.  It gives off light, and looks amazing.
Obsidian Sword:
This new weapon is very deadly, which does an 8 attack damage!

That is a cool looking sword, but that's not it...let's look at the next item...
Obsidian Axe:

This axe is also pretty cool looking, but is also powerful!
Obsidian Shovel:
This shovel is both quick and strong, but a little hint...all obsidian items can last 600 hits or uses!

Obsidian Pickaxe:
Ore, stone, metal, you name it!  This pickaxe will break through the competition (pun intended)!

Obsidian Hoe:
Farming, chopping, and that's pretty much's just a hoe.
Obsidian Dagger:
This dagger is sharp and ready for close combat!
Obsidian War Hammer:
Yup, that's right, there is a war hammer!  This object can deal 9 attack damage to anything!  Just be careful, 'cause this will make you slower because of the weight.

Obsidian Armor:
This consists of a chestplate, leggings, boots, and a helmet.  Together, while they might make u slow, give you pretty good protection!
You can find all recipes to all items (except blocks and furnace recipes) in the crafting table.
These are the required experimental options:


Click the download button above and wait for it to download. Then, go to your downloads folder and open the file, it should boot up Minecraft and import!

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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