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Lock Addon Beta

Lock Addon Beta
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Hey you, yes you! Would you like to have new doors which you could close and that no one will have? Well, this addon will help you a lot, since it brings new doors which you can close with a padlock (At the moment there is only one variant).  

How do you get the new door and the other items?
To get the items and the new door you simply have to look for them on the crafting table, but here are images.

How Do The Doors Work?

When the door is placed it is breakable but when tamed it will be indestructible and immune to fire damage and TNT.
These doors work in a simple way, the only thing you have to do is put it.

You interact with the padlock.

Now it will change and a text will appear that says: "tame", or simply right click.

Now the door is yours and only you can open it, but ... How do they open and close? Well, very easy, you simply interact with the key to open it and with your hand or the padlock to close it.

To remove it, it will be enough with a blow to remove it and it will give you the door.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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