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Netherrack Gear Addon (Balanced)

Netherrack Gear Addon (Balanced)
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With the Nether update we were promised a better nether. But we were also promised a nether only survival possibility. Lets be honest though, unless you get really good loot from a nether fortress, your not going to get anything better than gold gear. This addon adds a new material called netherrack ingots. These ingots can be crafted and used to craft new armor, weapons, and tools. 

Netherrack ingots
Netherrack Helmet
Equal to iron
Netherrack Chestplate
Equal to iron
Netherrack Leggings
Equal to iron
Netherrack Boots
Equal to iron
Golden Stick
Used for crafting
Netherrack Sword
6 attack and equal to iron
Netherrack Pickaxe
Equal to iron
Netherrack Axe
Equal to iron
Netherrack Shovel
Equal to iron
Netherrack Hoe
Equal to iron


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Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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