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Ritual Magic Structure/Function Pack

Ritual Magic Structure/Function Pack
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Have you ever wanted to do magical rituals in Minecraft, using only candles and item frames? Well, probably not, but now you can!Using just eight candles, eight item frames, and 1 glow item frame, you can set up your ritual circle and start making magic!

To begin, first type /function tick (which sets up a tickingarea at 0, 0, 0, so that the redstone always works), then type /function load (which loads in a redstone structure inside of the tickingarea you just created).
Next, you'll need to set up your magic circle. To do this, simply place down eight white candles in a circle (3 blocks away from center horizontally/vertically, and 2 blocks away from center diagonally). Next, you need to put down eight normal item frames in a square inside of the candles, and one glow item frame in the very center. When you're done, it should look like this:
Once your circle is made, you're ready to do some rituals! There are 15 different recipes, with the items shown in the first three images going into the regular item frames, and the items shown in the last three images being the result (the recipes are in the same order as the results, so recipe 1 corresponds to result 1):
To perform the ritual, place the items in the frames, while standing OUTSIDE of the circle. Once all of the items are placed, step onto the glow item frame (it might take a minute, depending on how many players are on your world). The normal item frames should become empty, with the result appearing in the glow item frame below you.


You must turn on the three experimental gameplay options for this to work


Supported Minecraft versions
  • 1.16



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