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Cable Car Addon

Cable Car Addon
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This Addon adds new features for the normal minecart to your world.Instead creating a completely new entity, I changed the behavior of minecarts and armor stands in the way, that you can use them also as a cable car.(So don´t worry, nevertheless you can further use them as normal vanilla minecarts and armor stands ;)

At first I have to mention, that because this is no new entity, it is not available through a spawn egg or the summon-command (and also it not spawns naturally in the world).
Everything works with tags, scoreboards and - the trick in this addon - the ride-command.
To make it more user-friendly it created some functions:
  • "cart_engine": try to not execute this function (this happens automatically always and everywhere in your world), it controls important things
  • "cable_car_left": summons a cable car with a holding arm at the left side
  • "cable_car_right": summons a cable car with a holding arm at the right side
  • "kill_near_cable_cars": kills all cable cars in a radius of 5 blocks
  • "kill_all_cable_cars": kills all cable cars in your world
When you summon  a cable car with the function, make sure to not stand directly on a rail, because it will spawn one block below your position.
Also I recommend you, to spawn the cable cars with command blocks, otherwise sometimes it´s a bit buggy creating it with the arm at the side you want.
If two cable cars collide it`s possible, that the side of the arm will be changed - that has something to do with the facing direction of minecarts, so unfortunately I can´t fix that.
Always try to kill the cable cars with the functions and not by hand. If you kill the minecart at the top or a armor stand from the arm by hand, the rest of the cable car will fall down through all blocks, which can be buggy too.
To avoid that this could happen, you get a weakness effect for two seconds while you are sitting in the minecart.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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