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Helpful Blocks (1.17)

Helpful Blocks (1.17)
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Industrially speaking, Minecraft is set in a time where technology clearly isn't around. This add-on provides you with 12 new blocks which allows you to burn, carry, and filter. The blocks have their own unique abilities however these blocks are supposed to be activated with redstone but that feature isn't possible yet!


All blocks are now available for Cobbled deepslate and Cobblestone variants.
Burner block
  • Any entity on top of this block will burn.
Compact block
  • Like obsidian and bedrock, it takes time to break its explosion resistance is high.
Conveyor belt blocks
  • Available in all directions
  • Taken inspiration from the "Conveyor blocks" add-on by R4isen
Displayer block
  • Any entity on top of this block will stay put and will not be affected by knockback.
Elevator block
  • Any entity beside this block will be moved upwards.
Mob filter block & Item filter block
  • Mob filter - Self-explanatory, any mob on top of this block (except items) will pass through.
  • Item filter - Self-explanatory, any item on top of this block (except mobs) will pass through.
Grinder block
  • Any entity on top of this block (except items) will receive damage.
Gate block
  • Interacting with this block will allow entities to pass through
  • When interacted, it will also affect gate blocks that are touched by the interacted one.
  • Inspired from the Twilight Forest mod.


Make sure to turn on ALL experimental gameplay features to enjoy this add-on to the fullest.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.16



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