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Useful Recipes v1.1

Useful Recipes v1.1
Addons for Minecraft PE
With currently total of 56 recipe improvements for the game, will help you on your survival without breaking the game. From basic improvements to new & exclusive recipes, such as Nametag & Exp Bottle which are now craftable.

• Customized new recipes
These are customized recipes to make the uncraftable obtainable through crafting or something else.
Crafting Table :
- Enchanted Apple
They're back baby!
- Name Tag
Lead probably wouldn't make sense, but if i used string it will be too easy.
- Bottle o' Enchanting [Buffed]
Yep, only need water bottle and few lapis.
Changes: Lapis req. 4 → 3
 - Horse Armors (x3)
Comes in Iron, Gold, & Diamond flavors.
(Removed for Leather because apparently already exists)
  • Slimeball
Here you go, no more pain.
(See what i did with snowballs yoo)
  • Saddle [New!]
Might make no sense but at least it's balanced, so... Good luck catching rabbits!
  • Pointed Dripstone [New!]
"Hey! i used 2 items to get 1?"
Yes, because they grows.
  • Glowberries [New!]
Easier way to get glowberries in 1.17, for now.
  • Sapling [New!]
This is not how biologic works but this is Minecraft so who cares lol.
For now you can only craft Oak.
Blast Furnace : [New!]
You want everything to do 2x faster but some items are uncategorized for advanced furnaces, so those item cannot be used. Cobblestone in a Blast Furnace as example. But now, this does put smile on my face.
  • Cobblestone → Stone
  • Sand → Glass
  • Clay → Brick
  • Clay Block → Terracotta
(More to be added in the future, you can give advices for what to be added too!)
• Enhancement recipes
And the rest, are improvements for vanilla crafting. Just example like you always crafted extra Crafting table and now you can get your Planks back.
But i'm not done yet! That is not all of them, there are 56 recipes in total!
Here's the full list of the feature.
(You don't actually have to memorize all those stuff because you'll discover them along the way!)
New Customized recipes :
• Crafting Table
- Enchanted Apple
- Name Tag
- Horse Armors
- Experience Bottle
- Slimeball
- Saddle [New!]
- Pointed Dripstone [New!]
- Oak Sapling [New!]
- Glow Berries [New!]
• Blast Furnace (New function!)
- Cobblestone → Stone [New!]
- Sand → Glass [New!]
- Clay Block → Terracotta [New!]
- Clay → Brick [New!]
Enhancement recipes :
•Wood Category
- Crafting Table → Planks (x4)
- Stick (x4) → Planks (x2)
- Wood Bark (x3) → Wood Log (x4)
- Scaffolding → Bamboo
- Chest → Planks (x8)
- Oak Door → Planks (x2)
- Wooden Trapdoor → Planks (x3) [New!]
- Boat → Planks (x5) [New!]
- Wooden Slab (x2) → Planks [New!]
•Stone & Metal Category
- Stone (x9) → Cobblestone (x7)
- Furnace → Cobblestone (x8)
- Rail (x8) → Iron Ingot (x3)
- Powered Rail → Gold Ingot
- Cauldron → Iron Ingot (x7)
- Iron Bars (x8) → Iron Ingot (x3)
- Cobblestone (x4) → Stone (x2)
- Minecart → Iron Ingot (x5)
- Iron Trapdoor → Iron Ingot (x4) [New!]
- Empty Bucket → Iron Ingot (x3) [New!]
- Spyglass → Copper Ingot (x2) [New!]
- Lightning Rod → Copper Ingot (x3) [New!]
•Miscellanous category
- Blaze Powder (x2) → Blaze Rod
- Torch (x4) → Charcoal
- Glass Pane (x8) → Glass (x3)
- Empty Bottle → Glass
- Prismarine Block → Prismarine (x4)
- Prismarine Bricks → Prismarine (x9)
- Pot → Bricks (x3) [New!]
- Item Frame → Leather [New!]
- Painting → Wool [New!]
- Amethyst Block → Amethyst Shard (x4) [New!]
Recreate recipes :
- Enchanted Book → Book
- Water Bucket → Empty Bucket
- Lava Bucket → Empty Bucket
- Eye of Ender → Ender Pearl
- Target Block → Hay Bale
- Written Book → Book & Quill
- Carrot-on-Stick → Fishing Rod
- Warped Fungus-on-Stick → Fishing Rod
- Slime Block → Slimeball (x9)
- Glow Item Frame → Item Frame [New!]
Applying any Addon / Behavior pack will result disabling achievement on that world.
Altough this works on 1.16 or lower, i recommend you to use 1.16.100 or above. Because the recipes will show on the recipe page.


First of all click on the download, when you're at Linkvertise link you need to do first is checking the Captcha box, then wait for 5 seconds and tap "Free access with Ads", and there's should be "Discover articles" click on it, then wait for 10 seconds and close it and the continue button must be now available. And finally you should be on MediaFire
MediaFire seems like cannot recognize .mcaddon file format so it automatically turns it to .zip file (so there's no point of making separate files), if you want it to be .mcaddon just rename and delete the ".zip" from it.

Supported Minecraft versions

  • (beta)
  • 1.17
  • 1.16.100
  • 1.16.221
  • 1.16.200



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