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Quality Of Life

Quality Of Life
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Quality Of Life is an addon that just makes life better, can't find elytra? craft one!, all items are as balanced as can be and even the addon itself is a quality of life, only having to be a resource pack and not needing experimental gameplay on
I don't think anyone really has a problem with this stuff but I do! like one time I had the elytra and fell into the void on my way back and never found one since, but now here we are with craftable items that shouldn't be crafted, talking about elytra here is the recipe for the elytra :) 
Price: 3 Netherite Blocks, 2 Membranes, 1 Saddle, 2 Wool Blocks 
Justification: The Elytra Should Be Am End Game Item So Netherite Blocks Are A Must For The Price, Saddle Is There Because You Equip The Elytra, Membranes Are A Reference To The Flying Creatures And The Wool Is Like What They Are Made From 
Netherite Tools, 
Price: The Sticks Necessary For The Item Type, 1 Netherite Ingots, And Scraps To Fill In The Item Recipe 
Justification: Sometimes Looking For Diamonds Is Tough So might Skip To The Point Right? But Your Skipping A Process So Might As well Add A Price To It 
Saddle And Horse Armor 
Price: Saddle Is Made From What Is Visible On Regular Saddle 
Price: Horse Armor Uses Two Blocks Of It's Material, 3 Of It's Basic Material and 1 Saddle 
Justifications: Horse Armor Is Unbreakable And Saddles Are Rare So They Come At A Good Price 
Price: Pot, Oak Log, 3 Oak Leaves(Or 5), And Two Flowers(None Of Making Regular Azalea 
Justification: It's Crafting Is A Simple Tree So It Should Make A Simple Tree Right? 
Trident And Heart Of Sea 
Trident Price: 3 Iron Swords, 1 Stick, And Heart Of Sea 
Heart Of Sea Price: 4 Diamonds, 1 Netherite Ingots, And 4 Water Buckets 
Justifications, Heart Of Sea Is Hard To Find And Sometimes Treasure Maps Are Impossible To Come By, The Trident Uses Heart Of Sea Since It's Hard To find And Also It Is Crafted With Full Durability 
Mycelium And Budding Amethyst
Prices Mycelium: 3 Small Amethyst, 6 Dirt 
Budding Amethyst, 1 Amethyst Of Each Size, 4 Amethyst Crystals, 1 Diamond Block 
Justifications: Mycelium And Budding Amethyst Are Mere Impossible To Get, So The recipes Are Sorta Cheap(Very Cheap For Mycelium) And Seem To Fit Well 
These Two Thing Don't Need Justifications or Prices... Just look at em^ :) I don't think you can put a price on life right? 
Etc Materials 
Those are items that are useful but will probably be only used once, all prices don't need to be justified or listed except the blaze rod, the blaze rod is very expensive due to you having to skip searching for the fortress and grinding out the blazes just to get enough rods, the recipe is expensive since you decided to be lazy and stay home 
Last But Certainly Least 
Flesh Into Leather :| 


This Is Very Simple All You Need Is To Import And To Apply, Only Behavior Pack And Experimental Gameplay Is Not Needed

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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