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Tiny Tweaks

Tiny Tweaks
Addons for Minecraft PE
This add on has general random tweaks to the game such as crafting recipes for uncraftable items, crafting shortcuts, new textures / hud tweaks and even a few extra blocks!

You can either have just the texture pack on to get some better visuals...
Or you can have both the behaviour and texture packs to get new items and crafting recipes that will improve your Minecraft experience.

-More subtle colour to the barrier block
-Round sun and moon
-More visible wither hearts
-New breaking animation
-cleaner effects hud
-Less obtrusive rain
-Snowier grass when snow layers are on top.

TEXTURE AND BEHAVIOUR PACKS ON: (all of the above, plus):
-easier anvil recipe which uses one iron block in a stonecutter
-tiled quartz (a black + white checkered pattern, like a stereotypical bathroom floor)
-rotten flesh to leather in a furnace
-convert cobblestone to stone in a stonecutter & vice-versa (great for big, stone-heavy builds)
-convert quartz blocks back to 4 nether quartz in a crafting table
-name-tag recipe (requires 4 paper and one string)
-saddle recipe (3 leather, 1 iron, 1 string)
-easier sandstone recipe (sand in a stonecutter)
-easier sand recipe (gravel in a stonecutter)

Supported Minecraft versions

  • 1.17



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